Destination Vinylmation Podcast 134 Abe Lincoln Chaser

134Lincolnbig-300x300Destination Vinylmation Podcast 134 Abe Lincoln Chaser is now available to download.

Here is the official description for this weeks edition:

This week we review all the previews that were seen and talked about at the Reflections of Evil trading event held at Epcot at Walt Disney World on September 13-15, 2013.

In this week’s episode here are the following main points:

  • Nick & MC kick off the show with some information about their DeeVee Awards
  • The guys go straight into their coverage of the Reflections of Evil event and Nick’s experience at the event.
  • The main Vinylmation talk is covered where they cut to recordings of the actual talk.
  • “The Chase is back” is the new catchphrase
  • A quick run through all the release dates
  • Nightmare Before Christmas #2 Early Release
  • Thomas Scott is currently working on 2015’s new releases
  • A look at the Meet & Greet Vinylmation
  • The guys discuss Frozen
  • Park 13 is quickly discussed including the Haunted Mansion & Tower of Terror Sets
  • Animation 4 is gone through including the other packs.
  • The Holiday Vinyls are quickly discussed
  • Nick and MC discuss 2014
  • Disney Character Stars Wars Mickey and Stitch
  • A look at Cutesters Snow Day
  • Trade Events Vinyls and their variants
  • The Indiana Jones set is discussed
  • Star Wars 4
  • Nick and MC discuss the new Topperaries series and how different it is.
  • The first Duffy blind box series
  • Dtour 2 as a blind box series
  • Park Starz 3
  • Toy Story #2
  • Pirates of the Caribbean #2
  • Pixar 2
  • Jungle Book
  • The Disney Store’s Aladdin Junior Series is discussed
  • Robots 4
  • Nick and MC discuss next years Imagination Gala
  • Next week they discuss the fans thoughts on Reflections of Evil.

You can listen to this Podcast by clicking here

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