Villains 13 – Reflections of Evil – Vinylmation Talk Photos

Today’s Vinylmation talk at the Reflections of Evil trading event is when we find out all the juicy details about the year ahead and boy did the Vinylmation team give us some exciting things to look forward to.  Disney had asked people not to take any photos or videos during the live performance which meant we had to quickly adjust how we were bringing you the announcements from the show.  However our friends over at Vinylmation Exchange (@VinylmatXchange) managed to take a few pictures of some of the up coming figures on the presentation.

So here are a few of the items we didn’t see on display:

Star Wars Jedi Mickey & Emperor Stitch


Tower of Terror LE set  BUOAqhVCYAEh9-5 BUOA_2OCAAIVU4p



Trade Night LE500 FiguresBUODWqtIIAAbC-Z BUODaTDIUAA8jRn

Cutesters Snow DayBUOD-XbIEAEJ1Gs

Marvel #2BUOGOTlIcAA-ire

Huge thanks to our friends over at Vinylmation Exchange for taking these photos and sharing.

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