Reflection of Evil Talk–LIVE BLOGGING!

We will continuously update this as we get information! Thanks to Travis for the info.


  • Kevin-Michael Lezotte Merchandiser Disney theme park merchandise calls Thomas Scott a guru and introduces him. Thomas Scott principal designer. Currently working on 2015 stuff.
  • NBC 2 October 31st release. Early release today at Reflections of Evil.
  • Silly symphony. Blind box series of 8. Sept 27th. Monty moldavan.
  • Marvel series 1. Hawkeye combo pack topper. Set of 12, tray of 24. Based off comics. LE set released on November 8th. LE 1000 ant man and wasp Could have meant Yellow Jacket not ant man
  • Holiday… 3″ vampire stitch and pumpkin mayor sept 20th.
  • Frozen 2pk Maria clapsis nov 22nd LE
  • Minnie Santa matches Mickey Santa. Mickey and Minnie skaters
  • Urban redux 2. Follows ur1. Mini case of 8. Case either chaser or variant. Oct 25th. Urban Redux 2 combo pack fluorescent skull, 3 colors.
    Nov 29th park 13 Mickey Magnificent combo topper. Set of 8
  • LE sets park 13… Dec 30 Haunted Mansion stretch room 4pk. LE 2000, Ron Cohee. Each back has the gags.
  • ToT LE set of 5, 4 3″ and 1jr. LE 1500. Dec 27th… Blind box. 9/10 contain ghosts. 1/10 negative variant ghosts.
  • Pixar 2. Nov 15th
  • Lilo and Scrump, Elastigirl, prickle pants, dory, Alpha from UP
  • Star Wars LE Jedi Mickey emperor stitch LE 2000 dec 13th
  • Animal kingdom set. Tigger is that you? Set. Pooh and tiger. LE 2000 nov 8th. Nice kitty kitty, Mickey and lion. LE 2000. Only avail at WDW.
  • Animation 4. 12 pc. Ralph, Bambi, timon…Jaq and Gus, LE 1500, jan 17thHuey Dewey Louie, LE 2000, jan 17th
  • Eachez…The chase is back.  1. Blind box/ variant aspect.  2. First was the D23 sorcerer The chef for food and wine is an eachez. Where special events that are LE will have a variant. 5th anniversary will be one too. Festival of masters 1200, will also be one. Olaf will be an eachez also. LE 2500. 9/10 reg, 1/10 variant. Dated 2014 ones will also be eachez. Run Disney design as well.
  • Eachez will be at trading nights. Each if them will have a special eachez. Just showed mike W. as an eachez. Trade nights are LE 500. 9/10 are regular, 1/10 clear variant. Figment and stitch  too.
  • Meet and greet Mickey. LE, fully sculpted, limited detail. LE 500, never done again. One ongoing series. Header cards are individually numbered. Reflections of evil the first. Festival of Masters is 2nd.
  • Park 14
  • Duffy Series 1
  • Star Wars Series 4. Set of 12.
  • Park Starz 3. Set of 12. Matterhorn Snowman on artwork.
  • 2014…Cutesters snow days… animals in winter settings. 8 piece. Jungle book series 8pc. Aladdin jr for Disney store. Full set

  • Toy story 2. Set of 8. Buzz lady tea.
  • 2014. Celebrate the best. Imagination award. Golden Figment. “Imagination Gala- a magic carpet event” next September. Si and Am won for best duo so they will be a LE edition set there
  • Potc series 2. Set of 8. Davy Jones on artwork
  • Robots series 4, big bad wolf.
  • Marvel series 2. Box artwork has spider webs
  • Indiana Jones Series 1. base on Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Talking about Vinylmation Blank.

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