Across the Pond – Reflections of Mickey’s Circus

acrossthepondWe are just days away from the Reflections of Evil Trading Event which takes places at Epcot in Walt Disney World and will see previews of Vinylmation for the year ahead. I thought just before we get into this event, I would go back a year to last years Mickey’s Circus event.

circus PosterAt least years event we got previews of loads of new figures for 2012/2013 including Classic Collection, Pixar, Haunted Mansion, Animation 3, Urban Redux, Goofy Candy Co, Jr’s in Space, Mechanical Kingdom, Park 11, Muppets 3, Poster Art, Cutesters En Vogue, Star Wars 3, Monsters University, Popcorns and lots more. Even some of the Disney Store stuff like Nursery Rhymes, Robots 3, Zooper Heroes and Myths/Legends got shown off at the event, so I hope we get a few previews of their new lines as well for 2014.

There have been many releases in 2013 that we didn’t see at the event which included the Disney Store’s Whiskers & Tails, High School, Little Mermaid, Wild West, Behind the Masks 1 & 2 plus Beauty and the Beast and Park 12 plus lots more. Which shows that while we will learn a lot about future releases for the year ahead, we won’t know everything and they can still surprise us with something new and fresh. Vinylmation is in the middle of a change and while some of those changes got previewed such as the Urban Redux smaller series, but some of the changes are still slowly kicking in just weeks before Villains.

Seeing pictures of the new releases at Mickey’s Circus was a great way of getting an idea of what the next year is going to bring and how I was going to collect, I knew some sets I would be interested in and others I wouldn’t be, planning is everything and knowing a big set that I want is coming out means I can get some cash together to buy them, so last years Mickey’s Circus got me ready for things like Animation 3 and Pixar, plus I knew a Muppets 3 and Star Wars 3 would be out in the summer.

There have been a few items that got previewed as last years event we haven’t yet seen released including the Pixar 95 Series and the Princess mold. We also heard about a new series on the Minnie Mold which hasn’t yet appeared and many of the release dates got pushed back from those announced at the event including Animation 3 and Muppets 3. Its important to note that some things will change from this weekends announcements but having a whole year laid out in advance is a great way to get word out to collectors about what to expect. I only wish they would at least put some of this information up on their own official website, the usual “Subject to Change” tag line should obviously be applied, but having a sneak peek at these images isn’t going to hurt, especially as they are only really informing people who already know about Vinylmation at the event, rather than your average Joe who popped Vinylmation into Google.

A year on from the event and its going to be interesting to see how this event compares to the Villains event and I can’t wait to hear what people’s experiences are, I know I’m extremely jealous of all those in attendance and I hope Villains 13 is just as successful as Mickey’s Circus.