Wounded Warrior Project Recap

I would like to personal thank Sabrina Chapa so much for coordinating so much behind the scenes with the Wounded Warrior Project. Her tireless efforts are what made this a success. This is her recap about the success of the Wounded Warrior Project.-Editor


With summer quickly coming to an end, I thought it would be a great time to recap the Wounded Warrior Project. To celebrate Independence Day, Vinylmation Kingdom and Vinyl Madness worked together with fourteen amazing custom artists. The group as a whole thought it would be a great way to honor our injured soldiers for their service to our country. Each of the artists created unique custom Vinylmation representing each branch of the military.

The auction was kicked off on July 4th and continued through out the weekend. The donated customs were auctioned off and 100% of the proceeds went to the Wounded Warrior Project. It was the first time for any Vinylmation group or artist to work with the Wounded Warrior Project and it was successful, bringing in a total of $1127.

Here are the names of the custom artists who helped make this project a success:

Tom Shultis
Jerry Sinner
Bethany Norris
Mickey Real
Paul Griffin
Cesilie Keller
Melissa Carlson
Kathlene Evans
Jason Cracraft-Windell
Matt Ferry
Courtney Arndt
Haily Windell
Dennis Weyl
Nanette Simard Belgin

Vinylmation Kingdom and Vinyl Madness would like to thank the artists for volunteering their time and talent for a great cause. The camaraderie of all the participants (artists, buyers, administrators) of the WWP invoked some of Lee Greenwoods lyrics, “And I’m proud to be an American, 
where at least I know I’m free. And I wont forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.”.

Here are the photos of all the designs submitted by the great custom artists who donated their work and time.



Growing up in the military and now being married to an active duty deployed husband, this project really meant a lot to me. If it weren’t for the artists, Vinylmation Kingdom, Vinyl Madness, or for Jason Windell thinking up the idea of WWP, none of this would have happened. As a token of my gratitude, I was able to contact a few companies (Disney, USAA, Scott AFB Family & Airmen Readiness Center) who in turn donated thank you gifts to the artists. As well as a special gift, military coin, from my husband to each of them.

What is still a work in progress but exciting for me to be a part of, is the fact that the Disney company is looking at the WWP vinylmations with discussions of possibly making it an official Disney line. Disney would work along side the artists involved with the WWP. I’ve been working with Kathleen, Disney Program Development, who sparked the attention of Disney Radio president. From that point, news of our WWP worked its way to Walt Disney World. As of now the biographies of each artist and photos of their WWP vinyls are now making its way up the appropriate channels. Maybe nothing will come of this, but it’s a dream come true for any artist to showcase their work to the one company that drives their inspiration.

I look forward to my next meeting with Disney in hopes to hear some news soon. Overall I’d say the Wounded Warrior Project was a huge success. What do you think?

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