little mermaid tray

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Little Mermaid Series.

little mermaid tray


RogPalmerUK – Ah the Little Mermaid, one of those Disney movies that I never really saw the attraction to for a long time, but last year before we headed out to Walt Disney World we picked up the DVD for 50p from the local video shop since it was one of my wife’s favourite movies.  So this movie, much like many of the princess movies are something I’ve gotten into later in life, so I maybe don’t have that same connection to them.   For me, this Vinylmation series is a very hit and miss series, it has a few nice designs that were good enough for me to order a few blind boxes for, Flounder, Max and Sebastian all stand out as huge hits for me, I think Max is actually better than his Furry Friends version and I’m glad they redid that figure since so many people weren’t able to get hold of it.    Ursula, Ariel and the King also are pretty nice and I wouldn’t be apposed to blind boxing those.

WDWRobert – I am excited to finally see this series get released and am happy with the enite set including the Chaser. For me I am happy to see Max again in Vinyl form. They did a wonderful job on the Ears this time, I love it when the artist incorporates a background scene in the ears. It definitely a huge improvement from the FF Max just having the clear ears. Ursula has been a Vinyl before in a different series but this one is amazing. Love the hair and can’t wait to see how Disney utilizes them in the future. But my absolute favorite is the Chaser. Its so well done. It mostly a scene rather than a single character. Little Mermaid and Flounder in the background. Sebastian on the left foot and center stage Flotsam and Jetsam. And the grand reveal in the back Ursula!

Jeremy –  When I first about this set, I was pretty excited since this was the first movie I owned as a kid and had lots of childhood memories of being “in love” with Ariel. But I must admit when I saw the set, I was not impressed.

 But going off of that, I only have a couple of hits. First hit would have to be flounder. I love the added fin and the way they used the whole body similar to Nemo. Scuttle is another good one as that is the face I recognize! Honestly my only other hit would be the chaser. I like how they included Ursula on the back.


RogPalmerUK – Much like the recent Beauty and the Beast series, I wasn’t that excited about it as I am not a huge lover of the movie, had they thrown these figures in with a Animation set, that would have been enough for me.  There are a few too many human figures that just feel like fillers to me, had this been a smaller case of 8 or 16, this might have worked better and I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of the spreading faces across the body, which is why I don’t tend to collect the Villains set.    The fact that I only brought a few blind boxes to get the few I like (or trade for them), shows my overall interest in them.  It was very noticeable that the interest generally wasn’t as high as the recent BATB set but for me this set goes in the Miss category purely because of my own thoughts on the movie.   The seagull has to go on this list simply because I have spent the last 2 weeks chasing the damn things away from my cafe!!

WDWRobert – Sebastian was the only one that looked odd to me. He has an odd appearance to me. I love the Character but it does not work for me. I would of loved to see a layout like the Chaser where the main characters are in a scene. yes there were some characters that I don’t care for but they look good in Vinyl form.

Jeremy – Almost this entire series is a miss for me. I think they should have made this an 8 character blox series. Triton, Ursula, Ariel, Eric, Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle, and the chaser. The others are weak links that I don’t think are that well done.

Max is way better in furry friends. Sebastian looks awkward and creepy, his a2 self is much better. Ursula has way too many of her made. Triton looks ridiculous (although his accessory is alright). Ariel looks like a baby crammed on there, and Eric looks terrible. Don’t get me wrong the use of the ears have been great in vinyls lately! The shark reminds me of P3 Monstro, I hate how the butler is halved like Villains 2, and Carlotta just doesn’t flow for me.
There was so much potential for this series, and I feel as if it got cast away. I think it would be interesting to see custom artists redo this series as a group and see how they come out

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