It has been a crazy fun week for a lot of us, I am sure. I, for one, have not been this excited about playing a game since I took to my N64 and played Ocarina of Time. Between work, trying to fit in a couple of hours of Infinity game play in a night, and keeping up with the exploding popularity of our Infinity and Beyond Facebook group and the news of the upcoming Toys “R” Us event, not much else has gotten done. Today, however, I wanted to give a recap of a few of the release events that the Disney Infinity team held this past week in Walt Disney World, NYC, and even Holland!

Walt Disney World Pre-Release, Friday August 16th, Downtown Disney

Zachary Mayer was at the special WDW Pre-Release, held outside Once Upon a Toy. Disney Infinity started selling when the store opened Friday morning, but the special event was held in the afternoon.

The event was somewhat going smoothly. They had the tent set up outside and had a line of people to go in the tent to demo the game for a few minutes at a shot. They had four setups for the game on the WiiU and let one person play per system, so only four people were allowed in the tent at a time.

photo (70) photo (69)

photo (68) photo (67)

It rained for a little bit in the early afternoon which set them back a decent bit since they had to wait to turn the electronics back on and make sure it all still was working. The line was moving very slow, but the line wasn’t too horribly long because of the rain.

photo (66) photo (65)

Once inside Once Upon a Toy, guests were able to purchase that Starter Pack in any of the released formats, as well as expansion packs, 3pk sets, and single characters, with a limit of (2) for each character.

Nintendo World Pre-Release Event, Saturday August 17th, Rockefeller Center, NYC

Saturday saw me making my way down to New York City and more specifically to Nintendo World, where Disney Infinity was holding a special Nintendo release of the game. Cinderella’s Monster Coach was on hand as well.

IMG_7309 IMG_7307

IMG_7308 IMG_7328


Inside Nintendo World, there were displays where guests could demo the game on Wii, WiiU, and 3DS.

IMG_7327 IMG_7324

IMG_7330 IMG_7325 IMG_7331

There were many special things brought in for the event, similar to the SDCC and D23 Events. For one, Disney Artists were on hand to give guests original hand drawn character sketches, done in front of their very eyes.

IMG_7316 IMG_7318

Disney Artist Jeff Shelly drawing me an amazing Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey.

In addition, the Disney Infinity executives were on hand to meet and greet with guests.

IMG_7342 IMG_7343 IMG_7344

Disney Infinity key players: John Blackburn, John Day, and John Vignocchi. 

IMG_7345 IMG_7289 IMG_7347

Executive Producer John Vignocchi with the custom Vinylmation I made for him.

As an inventive to purchase the game during the event, D23 Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickeys were given out, one per Starter Pack.


I ended up leaving the event earlier than planned, as I had a work event I needed to be to and I was already tired leading up to the awesomeness that was Sunday. What was Sunday, you ask?


Disney Infinity INvades Times Square, Sunday August 18th, NYC

You would think that after a midnight order spree on the Toys “R” Us website and being one of the first people into my local brick n’ mortar TRU at 8am, I would have been too tired to trek down to new York City for a second day in a row. Not true. I was stoked to see Disney Infinity take over Times Square… and take over they did. A giant stage and a huge demo tent greeted you to all of the festivities.


As a treat for D23 Members, in addition to getting into the event an hour earlier, were treated to a D23 Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, no purchase necessary. A pretty sweet perk for being a member.


Inside the tent were eight stations where you could demo the game, and then grab a free hat and tee shirt.

IMG_7415 IMG_7320


But the free stuff didn’t stop there. Next was the custom silkscreen T-shirt stations. Five awesome designs to choose from. T-shirts were supplied and you were allowed to pick your favorite design to get on your shirt.

IMG_7398 IMG_7399 IMG_7400

Cinderella’s Monster Coach was back, but this time you were allowed to actually pose inside of it. Did you really think I would pass up that opportunity?


The Disney Artists were back again. Since Jeff Shelly is in charge of drawing Mickey for Disney Consumer Products, most of his requests were of the main mouse. Here he is drawing some of those Mickeys, as well as a Jack Skellington I had done for a friend.

IMG_7408 IMG_7406

IMG_7395 IMG_7396

Also on hand was star of Teen Beach Movie, Garrett Clayton, who did a Q&A and then a Meet & Greet with fans.


Finally, here is John Day and I hamming it up in the middle of all the excitement. I met him at the Disney Holiday Preview where he showed me Disney Infinity, where it was still in testing mode.


With the crowds continuing to grow, them needing space for other people, and it starting to drizzle, I dragged my tired self home to crack open the game for myself and start the adventure. I was not disappointed… did anyone else get chills just by watching the opening sequence?

Dutch Disney Infinity Launch Event, Wednesday August 21st, Muiden, Holland

The final event to recap from this week was the special launch event in Holland, where our own Arjan de Wit was, bright and early, to get his game on.

foto 2 foto 1

foto 2 (1) foto 5

foto 4 foto 3

foto 3 (1)

Arjan said that they really put on a great showing there, with activities for families, photo ops, and the change to buy the game, additional characters, and accessories a day early from the August 22nd European launch date. You could demo the game on WiiU prior to buying. Sadly, the Scrooge McDuck exclusive disc wasn’t available to purchase, as it is an exclusive Holland release to the MediaMarkt and Saturn stores. No worries, though… Scrooge will make his appearance here in the US down the road.

Well, that’s all for the event recap. Exciting stuff! For those of you able to attend these events, I don’t know about you, but it definitely felt like something special to me.


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