Infinity and Beyond: Exclusive Toys R Us Power Discs Revealed!

For a while now, we have known about the 20 Series 1 Power Discs for Disney Infinity. Here they are:


List courtesy of

  • Disc 1 (Ability): Bolt’s Super Strength
  • Disc 2 (Ability): Fix It Felix’s Repair Power
  • Disc 3 (Ability): C.H.R.O.M.E. Damage Control
  • Disc 4 (Ability): Pieces of Eight
  • Disc 5 (Toys): Mickey’s Car
  • Disc 6 (Toys): Cinderella’s Coach
  • Disc 7 (Toys): Kahn the Horse
  • Disc 8 (Toys): Stitch’s Blaster
  • Disc 9 (Toys): Carl Fredericksen’s Cane
  • Disc 10 (Customization): Sugar Rush Texture Set
  • Disc 11 (Customization): Sugar Rush Skydome
  • Disc 12 (Customization): Alice in Wonderland Texture Set
  • Disc 13 (Customization): Alice in Wonderland Skydome
  • Disc 14 (Customization): Finding Nemo Texture Set
  • Disc 15 (Customization): Finding Nemo Skydome
  • Disc 16 (Customization): Tangled Texture Set
  • Disc 17 (Customization): Tangled Skydome
  • Disc 18 (Rare): Dumbo Flying Elephant Ride
  • Disc 19 (Rare): Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • Disc 20 (Rare): Abu as an Elephant

Yesterday, our friends over at Disney Infinity Fans released this image of the exclusive Toys “R” Us Power Discs:


So, there you have it… all 30 Power Discs at launch. Thoughts?

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