Infinity and Beyond: Details on D23 Sorcerer Mickey, TRU’s Crystal McQueen, and the TRU Exclusive Power Discs

As Sunday draws near, I am getting more and more excited about the release of Disney Infinity. I guess it doesn’t help that this morning I awoke to some news about the exclusive D23 Sorcerer Mickey, as well as some exclusive Toys “R” Us releases.

D23 Sorcerer Mickey


Even before Sorcerer Mickey was announced at Disney Infinity’s presentation at D23 and the special figure was given out to attendees, there was speculation about whether or not Mickey was exclusive to D23. Once the presentation happened, some believed that the figure released in 2014 would have a different pose. Others, such as myself, believed that Mickey would be exactly the same in the 2014 release as in the D23 release. Well, we were all wrong. Late last night, John Vignocchi, Executive Producer of the game, replied to a couple of tweets, one being my own, which shed some light on the mystery.



So, Sorcerer Mickey will be the same pose, yet slightly different. What does that mean? Well, it sounds like Disney Infinity is taking to the same playbook as Skylanders and adopting the “in game variants”. Still confused? Ok, this might help.

Toys “R” Us ‘Crystal’ Lightning McQueen

Earlier this morning, our friends over at the Disney Infinity Fans forum (which you guys should check out) posted pictures of ‘Crystal’ Lightning McQueen from Toys “R” Us. What’s a ‘Crystal’? Check it out.

disney_infinity_tru_exclusives_01 disney_infinity_tru_exclusives_02 disney_infinity_tru_exclusives_03 disney_infinity_tru_exclusives_04

Thanks to Puddin’ over on the forum for the pics.

Basically, Toys “R” Us stores are going to have exclusive character variants with a ‘crystal’ paint job… a translucent figure with colored highlights. The first one up is Lightning McQueen. Now, in addition to him looking different on the shelf, he will look the different in the game as well. So, instead of playing with a red McQueen, yours will be the ‘crystal’ decor if you have this special McQueen on the Infinity base.

Crazy, you might say? Well, Skylanders has been doing this with all three of their games, and people, including myself, have clamored for the variant exclusives. Why? Because of the collectibility… just like variants in Vinylmation. The only difference with these are that they will not be much more money than a regular release, and somewhat easy to come by in the wild, unlike a Vinylmation variant where you either need to know someone or go to eBay.

What could that mean for Sorcerer Mickey? You could have a TRU ‘crystal’ exclusive… or maybe a Black and White version? Anything is a possibility, really. Also, if they are already releasing variants, could we see a Blue Suit Mr. Incredible? Perhaps a Pumpkin King Jack? Dinoco McQueen and Brand New Mater? A Snow and Ice Elsa from Frozen (I mean, she is the Snow Queen, after all)? I think it will be exciting to see the variants that come out. I just hope they mean something… because the ‘crystal’ decor doesn’t make much sense.

Toys “R” Us Exclusive Series 1 Power Discs

Yes, those pesky rumors are true… Toys “R” us will be getting an exclusive set of 10 Power Discs with the release of Series 1. Puddin’ over at Disney Infinity Fans also got pictures of the special gold packaging:

disney_infinity_tru_exclusives_05 disney_infinity_tru_exclusives_06

From what I can make out, the special 2pk consists of (1) regular Series 1 Power Disc and (1) Toys “R” Us exclusive Power Disc. So, as of right now, there will be 30 Power Discs for Series 1… unless there are other retailers doing exclusives, which would not surprise me. As far as my plan of attack with these… I am going to buy Toys “R” us exclusive packs until I get all 10 from that set, and then move on to regular packs to fill in the ones I am missing from the 20… or hopefully just trade with people. :)

Don’t have a Toys “R” Us nearby? No worries, as it sounds like their exclusive Power Discs might eventually become available in Series 2 and 3. If that’s the case, think of this more like an early release. It was, however, only speculated by John Vignocchi over on Twitter… so who knows.


That’s all the news for today. Stay tuned to Vinylmation Kingdom tomorrow for any new Disney Infinity news, and for a special announcement for all of you Facebook friends of ours.

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