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hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Vinylmations from the D23 Expo.



RogPalmerUK – There can be no doubt that this years D23 Expo has got some serious Vinylmation love with loads of Twin Packs, special editions, debuts, One of a Kinds and much more.  The minute I saw the previews of the D23 Expo, there was a couple of figures that stood out to me, the Angel and Devil Donald Duck pack was a instant “yes please” and the actual D23 logo figure with the different colours has also gone onto my “wants” list.  I might not be going to the actual event but it’s still a cool figure.  I’ll also throw a shout out about John’s Sour Oswald and Gerald’s Sorcerer Mickey one of a kinds which look amazing and I wish these 9″‘s got put out as a proper full production figure.  The imagineer figures are also my must have set, I’m hoping to get my hands on a few of these at some point but this is so interesting to me, its like a cross between Park and Urban, its back to Vinylmation basics and I’m interested to see more work from this team.

 WDWRobert – Monster University 2 piece set will be a nice addition to my almost complete MU set. Even though there is nothing all that special about them except for the cool Glasses they really say Hey I am special. But since its MU I love them anyway. Next up for a Hit would be Black & White Minnie. I am a huge fan of the Classics and haven Minnie in the new mold will be a great addition to the collection.    Donald Duck is another favorite of mine as well. Its nice to see an innocent version of Donald. The Devil Donald is to me a more classic mischievous Donald. Love the colors and love the Halo! Next is the Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.. Though not main stream characters in the Disney Lineup these two Look great! Very well Done. This one is unique and is very special in many ways. But for me its the simple look that transferred to the Vinyl Mold beautifully. My absolute favorite of the D23 Event were the Vinyls that were from the Walt Disney Imagining. I love all eight of them. There may be some Vinyls out there that resemble these but I am in awe of all of them! Everyone is gorgeous! If I had to pick one it would be the Project X my absolute favorite. The EPCOT Map is amazing and this is in my top 10 of all time favorites.



Diego and Marco Morales –  All of the Disney Imagineering Vinyls – I really enjoyed all of these vinyls. They scream Disney because they show what Disney imagineers do for Disney. I especially like the half-built yeti one with the “floor plan” hat. These are very well designed and made vinyls.

Carla and Rosie- As a two pack for Monsters University, this is a great combo pack. I loved the movie and this pack reflected that. It was very well designed. Maybe better known characters could have been done.

D23 Expo Sorcerer blind boxes – I love these. The yellow, the blue and the clear. The idea of a blind box different colors instead of an open box one color was a fabulous idea. The classic sorcerer Mickey with the waves is a classic Disney icon. Plus on the light up stand from Disney Store 25th anniversary these would look great.

Ursula 3 pack – Although I have never really liked Ariel Mermaid the movie this 3 pack caught my eye. I like it when Disney shows the different “sides” of a character with vinylmation ( i.e. Cheshire Cat 2 pack). The hair on both of the Ursula’s is a great touch too. Even the packaging is very cool. I was looking for a Vanessa because you can’t forget her and at first I thought she might be the chaser but was disappointed when she was not. Now that I know Disney did make, one I’m happy.

LE Mickey and Minnie – These are classic Disney characters and are done very cartoonishly. I love the hat that was given to Mickey and the bow given to Minnie. These are very well done vinyls. However I would have liked it if they had made more Minnie’s (300 compared to Mickey who is LE of 2000).

D23 Minnie – This is the other Minnie vinyl being released. It is the one with the hat instead if a bow on its head. I love the classic Minnie. There are not many Minnie Mouse vinylmation which makes this classic one a hit.

Good Donald, Bad Donald Combo Set – As I said above, I love it when Disney uses vinyls to show different “sides” of a character. Donald is also one of my favorite all time Disney characters which makes this set even better. I love the halo that is above angel Donald’s head. It looks like it is hovering above his head. The facial expressions on them make these vinyls great. Definitely a hit.

Beauty and the Beast Combo set   Even though I am not a fan of Beauty and the Beast I really like this set. In the series there was Beaty and the Beast but now here they are wearing something different. Belle is in her sweater and the beast is ready to dance in his fancy clothes.

Jeremy Arruda – Of the exclusive sets the first hit for me is Beauty and the Beast! The colors in this set are incredible, and really bring me back to the scene of them in the snow! And the inclusion of the birds in Belle’s ears is great! It’d be cool if there were some seeds drawn on Beast’s hands…but who would see them…enh minor detail. My other hit from the exclusives would be the D23 logos. Although the design is simplistic, that’s what I like about it. It really shows what D23 is about! My last hit would be Minnie! Great first shot of how Disney characters should look on her mold, we’ll see more soon hopefully!

Now for the custom hits. First hit is undoubtedly Sorcerer Mickey. This piece is incredible! The detail put into it makes it one of the best vinylmations ever in my book! If only I had the money. Sour Oswald looks alright, except I’m not sure how I feel about all those white dots on his ears… My only other hit would be Western Mickey by Noah. It’s alright, but Noah seems to be putting out a lot of the same stuff lately…ready for something new from him.


RogPalmerUK – One of the strangest things about the D23 Expo is the amount of Vinylmation that they have thrown at it, there has been a better selection of special figures for this event that for the Villains 13 event next month, which is a shame, this event shouldn’t over shadow the biggest Vinylmation event of the year.  But onto the actual figures, my first Miss is the Monsters University twin pack, even after seeing the movie, I’m just not interested enough in those characters to want to pick this set up (nor 80% of the blind box set either).  Another miss for me is the Classic Minnie Mouse especially when the Introducing Minnie Mouse figure that also debuted at the show looks so similar but that’s maybe just me.  I’d also throw the Little Mermaid Ursula’s into this bracket, do we really need so many figures of the same character as we also have the Little Mermaid blind box version and the Popcorn pile of poo shaped one.  I’m also going to throw the new Blank twin pack into this pile, the packaging of using a clear bag and just having two CYO’s with a bow and bow tie just feels like cashing in on the new animated short which I am extremely excited about, I think the idea of Blank is fab and I can’t wait to see them all, but these figures seem a tad expensive for what they are.

 WDWRobert – I was really looking forward to the “Blank, A Vinylmation Love Story so much. I have read the story behind this series, I watch the little Trailer and was excited to see the 1st set. Well they promised “Blank” and thats what they gave us. But the insult was the packaging. It was in a clear bag with a folded card board card. Wow! Now I must say I must be missing something and I expect to be wrong. Though for now ( I did buy this set) they will remain in their bag to wait for the continuing story. Another Vinyl I was really crazy about at first was the D23 Sorcerer Logo. There were three colors that were blind box. Yellow the Main color and White and Blue being the variants. Maybe I had high expectations but they just did not give me the wow I though they would of. Not to mention the yellow is just a bit odd for me.

Jeremy Arruda

Without a doubt D23 hasn’t produced many vinyl’s I’m attracted to this year. First main miss is Monsters University. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen the movie, but these pieces bore me. Tied for second are Silly Symphony, and Paul Bunyan. These sets have no reminiscent value to me, and they are just bleh (although Paul does have quite some detail). Donald set doesn’t intrigue me. These two just look so boring.

First custom miss is Leviathon. I just don’t like this piece…at all. It doesn’t represent vinylmation in my opinion, more of a random collectible. Second miss is Gremlin Gus. I am just not a huge fan of sculpting on vinylmation, and I feel like he almost looks like candy…and then the parrot from Mary Poppins. It’s alright, but again the mold takes away from the vinylmation. It almost looks to me as if someone had a bird mold and added ears on it. And as for Miss Mindy’s set, although yes it is creative and probably took a lot of time, the figures to me are again straying from the aspect of vinylmation and would definitely not fit in my collection. I know I sound like a stick in the mud, but I guess I prefer the traditional vinylmation molds over these new crazy sculptures.

Diego and Marco Morales –    Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox Combo Set – This set didn’t catch my eye at all. I feel Disney should have chosen better known characters for a huge Disney convention. The vinyls are done well but this set is not on my Wants list.

Silly Symphony Combo Set – I can’t relate to this set at all except for its Disney, and that’s not enough to make me want it. I feel Disney should have chosen a more well known Silly Symphony (i.e. Skeleton Dance, and Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf).

Blank Vinylmation Set –  This has to be a miss for me. I don’t really get what Disney is aiming for in this set. The trailer wasn’t that good and if I ever was to get this set it would be to make a custom which I’m not skillful at yet.

Ursula 9″ Vinyl – This is just one too many Ursula’s. I feel Disney just over used Ursula and in their best interest should not make another for a while.

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