Infinity and Beyond: Disney Infinity D23 Roundup… NEW Characters, Playset, and More!

Earlier today, Disney Interactive had its’ D23 presentation. For a while now, we have been told that the upcoming, and much anticipated, game Disney Infinity would be releasing some exciting news during the bi-annual Disney Expo. At the end of Disney Interactive’s presentation, DI took to the stage, and fans were not disappointed.

Disneyland in the Toy Box

It was confirmed that a version of Disneyland will be available for download into the Toy Box! It’s going to be awesome to explore the park with your characters!

NEW Play Set: Toy Story

Photo by Stitch Kingdom.

Photo by Stitch Kingdom.

Disney Infinity’s 6th Play Set (following the starter sets Pirates of the CaribbeanMonsters University, and The Incredibles, and release time expansion sets CARS and The Lone Ranger) will, in fact, be the beloved Pixar franchise Toy Story. At the announcement came figure releases for Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie. This play set will be available in October.

Photo courtesy of Vinylmation World.

Photo courtesy of Vinylmation World.

Disney Interactive's Jocn Blackburn reveals the Toy Story play set.

Disney Interactive’s John Blackburn reveals the Toy Story play set. Photo courtesy of Disney Infinity.

Toy Box Characters

Today was also the first announcement of characters that stand alone in the Toy Box. These are quite exciting:


Beginning in October and releasing thru 2014, these characters will be available to play inside the Toy Box:

~ Anna and Elsa from the new movie Frozen


Photos courtesy of Vinylmation World.

Photos courtesy of Vinylmation World.

~ Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas

~ Agent P and Phineas from Phineas and Ferb

Photo by Stitch Kingdom.

Photo courtesy of Stitch Kingdom.

~ Ralph and Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph


Photos courtesy of Vinylmation World.

~ Rapunzel from Tangled

Photo by Stitch Kingdom.

Photo courtesy of Stitch Kingdom.

~ Sorcerer Mickey from Fantasia

Photo courtesy of Destination Vinylmation.

Photo courtesy of Destination Vinylmation.

Does that mean they won’t ever be in a Play Set? Not necessarily. However, we knew that not EVERY character would have a Play Set, as that would get very expensive.

With that being said, the Tumblr “Inside Disney Infinity” has released a picture and information of items that popped up on the Toys “R” Us website a couple of days ago… and it brings up some interesting thoughts:


Wreck-It Ralph Toy Box Pack – $30.99 – 12/10/2013
Wreck-It Ralph Figure – $13.99 – 12/10/2013
Vanellope Figure – $13.99 – 12/10/2013

Frozen Toy Box Pack – $30.99 – 11/19/2013
Elsa Figure – $13.99 – 11/19/2013
Anna Figure – $13.99 – 11/19/2013

Toy Story Play Set – $35.99 – 10/15/2013
Woody Figure – $13.99 – 10/15/2013

Rapunzel Figure – $13.99 – 12/10/2013
Jack Skellington Figure – $13.99 – 10/15/2013
Girl Power 3-Pack – $30.99 – 12/10/2013

Power Disc Series 2 – $5.99 – 11/19/2013

So, it looks like both Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen will have what they call “Toy Box Packs”. Does this means that both characters of that movie will be in those packs, along with special Power Discs from that movie? Also, with Woody being the single character, does that mean that Jessie and Buzz are the Play Set characters? Any guesses as to the Girl Power 3-pack? My thoughts: Vanellope, Anna, and Rapunzel.

There was also information from “Inside Disney Infinity” released regarding Toys “R” Us and their exclusive Power Disc Packs, which will feature 10 discs exclusive to their blind packs. Suggestion if you are a completist? Don’t purchase the regular packs from Toys “R” Us… wait for their exclusive gold packs to arrive.

Noticeably missing from this list are Agent P, Phineas, and Sorcerer Mickey. No release date for Agent P and Phineas has been released (at least not to my knowledge)… but where is Ferb? Will he eventually be released? If not, I for one would be sad to have only half of the duo. As far as Sorcerer Mickey is concerned, expect a 2014 release date for the magical mouse. However, guests at the Disney Infinity presentation today were treated to a treat: a take home Sorcerer Mickey of their very own… which is PLAYABLE in the Toy Box when it is released next weekend! My friend Elizabeth was there and got one:


One last thing… this weekend the Disney Infinity booth there were banners up showing some ways you can use characters in the Toy Box, and thanks to my friend Pat, I got to see them… first up, maybe it was foreshadowing, but here are some Pixar characters on tricycles.


Secondly, and this excites me A LOT… Davey Jones riding… the Electric Mayhem bus??? Does this mean that The Muppets are in our future? If that’s the case… could Marvel and Star Wars be far behind???


Well, that about covers it for the Disney Infinity update today at D23. Stay tuned next weekend for when I attend the release events in NYC for Disney Infinity. If anyone else is in the NYC area, you should come down… to Nintendo World on Saturday and Times Square on Sunday. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

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