The Park 9 Skyway Variant Exists

Last year when the Park 9 Vinylmation blind box series was released we heard rumours of a variant edition of the Skyway figure since there was a different pin that wasn’t red.  However today, via a Hong Kong Scrapper seller, we can actually see that this figure was made and was probably just for a test run  since it never appeared before now.

Here are the pictures of this Skyway variant:

$T2eC16hHJFsFFSDd-BSNBS!,oOcyEQ~~60_57 $(KGrHqFHJ!0FH6lWZ7i)BS!,oK)N4Q~~60_57 $(KGrHqNHJFIFHm))q-+vBS!,oOVikQ~~60_57This was the Pin Variant that started the rumours originally last year:

$T2eC16Z,!yUE9s6NG)w(BR5(K3sv)g~~60_57And finally this is the normal edition that was officially released:



Vinylmation Kingdom does not recommend anyone purchase anything from Scrapper Sellers.

Thanks to Vinylmation Exchange Member Ronnie Robinson for the tipoff

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