Medieval Blind Box Series Coming Soon? + a Las Vegas Exclusive?

vegasYesterday we heard some rumours online that there are some new figures coming to Disney Stores soon, again these haven’t been confirmed by Disney yet, but here is what we have heard from Nickolas Robinson over at Vinylmation Exchange.

First off there is Showgirls Vinylmation Vegas figure set to be released on the 9th August at the Las Vegas Store.

Also on the 16th of September, a new blind box series entitled Medieval.  This could be another non-Disney themed set like Zooper Heroes or a new Disney themed series like Mickey’s Wild West.

This set could feature lots of Medieval stereotypes like a Knight, Queen, King, Doctor, Dragon etc.

knightAgain these are just rumours but hopefully we will have confirmation of these new releases soon.

What are your thoughts on these?



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