130-Wet-Paint-Mickey-large-300x300Destination Vinylmation Podcast Episode 130 Wet Paint Donald is now available to download.

Here is the official description for this weeks edition:

Ep. 130 Wet Paint Donald

This week we give a full D23 Expo Vinylmation and Artist Meet and Greet Preview. We also find out news about Popcorns 2, Food & Wine and an update on Reflections of Evil. Matt from Vinylmation Kingdom stops by to talk about customs, scrappers and Walt.

In this week’s episode here are the following main points:

  • The show kicks off with the news of the Little Mermaid Ursula 9″ and triple pack
  • Nick and MC discuss lots of new releases including the Popcorns 2 and the Park Starz 2 Gus.
  • Other new releases such as the Halloween 2013, 2013 Oswald,  and the Epcot Food and Wine figure with the twist are discussed.
  • The guys run through the Silly Symphonies series
  • With the rumoured new releases coming up, the guys discuss their thoughts on these new sets including Urban Redux 2, Marvel, Cutesters 6, Animation 4 and Park 13 in the fall.
  • Reflections of Evil Overview
  • The guys run through the release calendar
  • D23 Expo is gone over in detail
  • Vinylmation Kingdom Corner with Matt which discusses our Custom Series and my Scrapper feature.  Matt also talks about the D23 Expo including the Vinylmation plus more
  • Predictions for the week
  • Little Mermaid Chaser

You can listen to this Podcast by clicking here