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collectorspotlightWelcome to Collector Spotlight,  where we caught up with Vinylmation collector Jay Grumet who wanted to share photographs of his collection with everyone.

How did you get started collecting vinylmations?
I started off with the 2009 EPCOT holiday tin. After much resistance, I finally decided to buy some blind boxes of Park 3 and Urban 2. I ended up pulling all three figures I wanted (P3 monorail, U2 cartoon and cosmos) and thought, wow that was easy!

How many vinylmations are currently in your collection?
With the addition of Beauty and the Beast coming up I will probably have about 650-675 combining all forms of Vinylmations.

What is your favorite series that you have completed? Why?
My favorite series that I completed was Urban 3. At that time the trade boxes were booming all around property and you could find some decent stuff in every box you went you. I don’t remember how many I bought compared to traded for, but searching around all day and finally finding the Watermelon Mouse chaser in the last trade box of the night was just amazing.

Which vinyl cost you the most?
I have been lucky enough to trade for most of my big wants and big figures, but apart from buying full cases, either the Park 6 UP 9″, or the Wall-E combo set cost me the most.

Did anything ever strange, amazing, funny, or outrageous happen to you while trying to acquire vinylmations for your collection?
While at the trade night in April, I had a guy and his son come up to my table and wanted to trade some figures. The kid was trading figures I already had, but I was in a “magical moment” mood and offered him some cool stuff. After trading and talking for a bit, the dad asked if I wanted my Animation 3 Stitch signed. The man then introduced himself as Ron Cohee and I was amazed and grateful for his generous offer.

Pick one vinylmation and tell everyone why you think this one is most like you.
Instead of picking one Ill pick a theme and that is any Sorcerer Mickey figure like the Park 5 topper or 25th Anniversary figure. This is my favorite Mickey costume and I think it brings out Mickey’s playful side and I always feel like I have that same playful mentality in my life.

What is the next vinylmation you are dying to add to your collection?
Ha. dying is right because I really want Park 1 Creepy Wallpaper. After that I would like to finish my monorails with Park 1 red, Park 8 gold, and the blue variant from P12.

And here is Jay’s Collection:

If you would like to be featured in our Collectors Spotlight, feel free to get in touch with us.

If you would like to be featured in a Collector’s Spotlight, free free to get in touch.

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