Vinylmation Kingdom Custom Series #1 On Sale August 1st at 9:00pm EST

The Vinylmation Kingdom Custom Series #1 will go on sale tomorrow, August 1st, at 9:00 PM Est at the Vinylmation Kingdom Store.  A few buyers at the VK Store have issues when they try and use the Facebook login option. I recommend you don’t use the Facebook login. Now let’s look back at the customs for the Vinylmation Kingdom Custom Series

carsland dumbo madteaparty  peterpanflight Peterpanflightvariant slinkydog startoursrex thebride theseas tradersam triceratops yetipartnersstatue

Each blind box will sell for $65 plus shipping and paypal fees. International orders are accepted but at higher shipping rates. Each blind box is individually packaged in a gold foil bag and placed in its own shipping box. I won’t even know what anybody is getting. The series will accept pre-orders from August 1st until August 8th or if the set sells out before then. So if all 24 boxes sell out by August 3rd, I’ll ship then. If all 24 haven’t sold by the 8th, I’ll ship what has sold on that day.

Another few facts about the series:

  • 24 blind boxes ( 11 base designs (2 of each), 1 variant, and 1 chaser).
  • The Variant also has a voucher for a free custom by artist Bethany Norris.
  • Each person who buys a blind box will be given a Facebook group address to join. In this group you can talk about the series, talk with the artists, or even arrange trades
  • Participants in Vinylmation Kingdom Custom Series 1 will get a chance to buy future series before the general public
  • Each blind box will have a sheet with EVERY custom artist’s name and contact information

Remember, pre-orders begin to be accepted on August 1st at 9:00PM eastern/6:00pm PACIFIC.

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