Across the Pond – Well that lasted long!

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how the European Disney store website had promised a big announcement regarding the future of Vinylmation through its websites ( and that announcement came in the form of a nice shiny new banner that would give some details on the next new release, a picture of the new series along with a release date.  (Click here for that original column)


As expected, Disney weren’t able to keep that up for more than a month, we had a banner for Monsters University in mid June followed by the Lone Ranger at the end of June.  Then as the weeks went on, the Lone Ranger banner disappeared, only to be released with a rather generic looking “Vinylmation” logo.  At least the banner before had the Park 7 Combo Topper (something that never got released over here).  For the next month, this banner remained, even with us all knowing that the Muppets 3 blind box series was coming out at the end of the month.  They had confirmed it on their Facebook page and other UK collectors had reported stores had them in the back.

ukjuneThe release of this series came and went, without the banner being updated.  This was the whole point of the banner, to share information about forthcoming releases, to go through all the bother of telling collectors that there was some great news coming and then to give us a banner was disapointing enough, but then to give up on the idea within a few weeks, is just pathetic.


I know the Disney Store in the US isn’t much better at announcing new series, while the Parks side of Vinylmation seems to do a much better job in promoting new products.  It’s just very frustrating to see this simple and effective idea to help European collectors get given up on so quickly by the UK team.
If they haven’t got time to do it, let me have a go, I can knock up a banner in a few minutes with a photo and a date.  (See this wasn’t hard was it?  Took me 2 minutes!) uklittlemermaidWe know the UK has got a few new releases coming up like Little Mermaid and Marvel, so even a “Coming Soon” image would be better than a simple logo.  Maybe I’m wrong in expecting a company to give details on products coming out soon rather than them deciding to keep them secret until they are out.

Communication has always been a issue with Disney, on both sides of the pond, but with the rather dismal outing that is on this morning (we’ve  gone from 40 items at one point down to single digits, then back up a few items.

I maybe shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up too much that the UK Disney store could keep this going, but its such a simple thing to do and would make purchases much easier for collectors.  The Muppets 3 release this past week was at least announced, but we never got told a proper release date, I guessed from the previous few releases that it’ll either be the Friday like in the USA or the following Monday, but why should we have to guess what time or day items will arrive.

It’s a shame the UK team made such a big deal out of an “big announcement” that they couldn’t follow through with for more than a few weeks.  The website should now have a banner about the next release, which is probably the Little Mermaid blind box series which has been confirmed as released in the UK but with the words “Coming Soon”, which is certainly better than nothing.

So please, Disney UK, sort out that little banner, release some information like you do with the Pins.  But then on the other side of things, when things like the recent Muppets 3 series sold out within 48 hours, they probably have figured out its not much point in doing it since things are selling well enough without the hassle.

What are your thoughts on this?