With a big assist from the great Stitch Kingdom, Vinylmation Kingdom has learned that the rumors and whispers are true: we are getting a Marvel Avengers Vinylmation Series. As a bonus we have found out that it appears a Little Mermaid series is around the corner as well.

I’ve heard rumors about a Marvel Vinylmation set in development for about a year but I had zero confirmation. Today Brad at Stitch Kingdom sent me information that I view as confirmation of info I had received prior. This is what I know so far. The set will be about Marvel Avengers and it does appear to be a blind box set. The set will be in Disney Stores. I cannot confirm if it will be in the parks. I am assuming so but no word yet. I do not know if the series will be the actual characters or Disney characters portraying superheroes. I’m hoping for the former. I believe this series will be announced/released in the Fall (but it could be later summer).

As for the other news, The Little Mermaid movie is being released on blu-ray on October 1st, so my belief is that this series will come out to coincide with this release. This set also appears to be a blind box set.

That’s all for now but check back as we find out more information. Thanks again for Stitch Kingdom‘s help on this matter!