Welcome to a brand new bumper edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom give us their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Park Starz 2



RogPalmerUK – I Love Park Starz, when the first series got released, I missed out and picked up a few characters off ebay and once the set was re-released late last year, I was able to pick up every one.  So this time, I’m just going to be buying a case since you can get the entire series in one swoop.  For me this set is one of the most exciting series of the year, I’m not too caught up in the Mickey Mold and these are exactly what I want, Park related Vinyls that bring back memories of my trips.  There are some easy hits for me, The Bell Hop looks amazing, The Orange Bird is another awesome design, throw in Rex, Its a Small World and a few others and this is a huge hit for me.

Mark – I’m pretty excited about the designs of Park Starz 2. There are definitely a few that I’d like to add to my collection. First would be Captain Rex from Star Tours. I’ve always been a fan of the ride and am pleased with the mold he is on and his detail. Since we have not seen him on the Mickey mold, it’s nice to see him make the cut in Park Starz. The next one is the Jungle Cruise elephant. It is cleverly designed and the clear water detail coming from its trunk is a nice touch. The third hit for me is the Dutch Girl & Hippo. It’s A Small World is an iconic ride and the hippo is one of those memorable characters and the Dutch Girl looks like the characters of the attraction.

WDWRobert – The Park Starz Vinylmation Series were to me the 1st series that differed from the 3” Vinyls I was use to. And just the other day I got in 2 of the final 3 I needed. So what does this have to do with Park Starz 2? Everything! I fell in love with Park Starz Series 2 before I knew who or what was going included in the series. Then not to far away from today I got my 1st glimpse of the Park Starz 2 (Or as my auto correct Park Stars) Characters.

Hits:  Redhead:  I’m glad they finally added her to the Vinylmation World. But her figure look a little similar to me and after reading it on several FB pages I am not alone. She still looks lovely and I can’t wait to see the huge hat she has on.   Elephant: I am a little confused (Maybe for not trying find out) where he is from. Is he from Jungle Cruise, Small World or is he is a Heffalump? Ok maybe not the last one. Regardless he looks great. You got to love the simple colors that were used. Than add in the Water coming out of his trunk is a nice touch.

Mark Twain:  I love this guy. He shares a similar body style to the Park Starz 1 President Abe Lincoln. Then with an awesome hairpiece makes this guy an instant favorite. Then tie in the emotional aspect of the Vinyl with one of my favorite attractions “American Adventure” Mark Twain is a must for me!
Gus:  This little guy earned to be “Hit” just because where he lives. I can’t wait to see him in person. My guess is he will not disappoint. Finally, comparing him to the HM 1 Series. I like this guy just a little bit more.

Wally Boag: I love (and miss) him. My only connection to this great individual is through reading about or watching him on Youtube. But this PS2 Vinyl captured him beautifully. With his “Spot On” facial expressions and perfect costume deign make this a must have for “Wally Boag” fans Vinyl collectors alike.   Bellhop:  Though not one of favorite Hotels to stay in this Bellhop is more than terrified t help me with my bag. I like this version better to its Brother from Park 9.
The terror look in his eyes is starting to make me wonder should we of picked another hotel.

Dutch Girl & Hippo:  First I must admit I am a Huge Fan of “It’s a Small World” and Mary Blair. Though I can greatly understand that the dolls can be a bit scary especially if you read book one of the Kingdom Keepers books. With Park Starz 1 Boy and Goat, we now have another set of Vinyls to add. They look great, really great. I can’t wait to add them to my collection.   Orange Bird:  I am so Happy that the Orange bird is making a comeback at WDW. I have the other Vinyls that are on the Mickey Mold. But I really can’t wait to see him and collect him. The big Orange head and smile and of course the leaf arm/wings are just for lack of a better word AWESOME!

RX-24:  Not many Park Starz could of beat out the Orange Bird but this one did. From one of my all time rides “Star Tours” RX-24 “Rex” is the Captain of the Star Speeder 3000. And this Vinyl is perfect. Perfect! I cannot wait to get him. Did I mention I can’t wait to get him?

Travis D – ToT Bellhop: First of all, I love the expression, and I feel this is a better design than the chaser from Park 9.

POTC Redhead: I am happy we FINALLY got a version of this character… I have been chanting for a while now: “We wants the Redhead!”

Star Tours RX-24: Great design, paying homage to a missed character.

“iasw” Dutch Girl & Hippo: I am happy to see this tradition of a 2pk from this attraction continue.

SPMorris – overall, i am loving this set. park starz 1 was something that had to grow on me, but we wound up collecting most of it. my favorites in this set are the red head, the elephant, carnotaurus and the dutch girl and hippo. The red head i think just looks so sassy, and i love the sculpting they did for her. the elephant is such an iconic animatronic, and i love the use of clear for the water. carnotaurus is probably one that most people won’t like, but it’s one of my favorite rides, and as odd as the shape is, i think it’s kind of cute. i love that they’re continuing the IaSM figures in series 2. they were some of my favorites last time, and these are such a good choice.


  • Rex – so happy to finally see a vinyl of Rex! The detail and accuracy of this vinyl are amazing! He looks great from all angles and I am just blown away by the attention to detail here. I have not made the leap to collecting Park Starz yet, but Rex is really tempting me!
  • Orange Bird – I love the Orange Bird, he looks great in Park Starz form. He has a complete likeness in vinyl form to his real life character counterpart. He’s adorably cute and I especially love his arms and tail. Another temptation to get me to collect Park Starz.

LittleMissVinylmation– As a late bloomer to Vinylmation, it took me a while to get what these were all about. Now that I do, I have to admit I’m smitten. Steering away from the mickey mold to represent these Park characters was a great move to add to the variety of vinyls, and even better that some of them are 3”, allowing them to sit right next to the Mickey molds in your collection! Orange Bird and Bellhop are blatant winners in this series, with the Red Head trailing closely behind. Everyone will be happy to sit a Gus next to their PS1 Bride, and the Dutch Girl and Hippo next to Boy and Goat (seeing a trend for Series 3). My personal favourite is Rex 24 – who else is a fan of Star Tours! And already half of these are a must-have.

Imagination Parade – I might as well start with the obvious and list the Red Head from Pirates as my first hit. Personally, as someone who knew the ride before the movies started coming out, I think she’s more of an icon of the attraction than even Jack Sparrow, so I was happy to see her included in this set. I might be in the minority here, but I also really like the Tapestry of Nations character. I don’t remember seeing it in the parks (though I know I did) but I tend to be drawn to anything with a lot of color, and I think he’d look cool on a shelf. I’m also a fan of the Orange Bird and the Small World set. I like that they’ve included Small World figures in both Park Starz sets so far. I think, for those fans that aren’t necessarily trying to get every single Park Starz figure but want to complete the Small World collection, that could bring that “chase” element back to a series that’s been criticized for its lack it.



RogPalmerUK – When I first saw the images of the entire series of Park Starz 2, I got to admit, there was a few characters that I was a little disappointed with.  First was the Tapestry of Nations Disc Man, I just don’t remember seeing the parade and thus, I have no connection with it plus to me, it looks more like a Cheese String character.  Wally Boag is another character I’m not aware of so it’s completely lost on me.  However I’m still planning on picking up the entire series.

Travis D – Tapestry of Nations Disc Man: If you are unfamiliar with the parade, this one will not really appeal to you. I think it will be a trader for a lot of people.

Wally Boag: Same as with Disc Man. if you into the Disney History, you will want him, but most people will wonder who he even is, let alone want him.

Jungle Cruise Elephant: From one angle, it looks right. However, all of the other angles of this vinyl are just bad. Probably the most ill-conceived of the set.

LittleMissVinylmation – Is the Carnotaurus meant to be so boxy? Unfortunately I have never been to WDW, so my knowledge about some of these (Disc Man, Tree Troll, Bathing Elephant) are minimal at best. I’d probably enjoy these designs more if I’d ever visited Epcot. Now the question on everyone’s mind is “why does Mark Twain look like Colonel KFC???”. Beats me VK readers, that’s definitely one I don’t care to collect. And is anyone else freaked out by Wally Boag? He looks like he’s as high as a kite, if you know what I mean… Anyway I hope they release a see-through Bellhop variant – guaranteed to fly off the shelves even at the very painful $24.95(?) each.

SPMorris – For my misses, i’m going to choose gus and Colonel Sanders. er, i mean, Mark Twain. Gus just doesn’t really capture the character well enough i think, and the ball and chain being represented simply as a ball-hand is such a strange choice. As for Mark Twain, well, he looks like he should be selling me some fried chicken. nuff said.

Imagination Parade -My biggest miss of this set is the Norway troll. For starters, I didn’t know what it was supposed to be upon looking at it, which is a red flag when you’ve been on the ride it represents as many times as I have. I also think it looks like it belongs in the Popcorn series instead of Park Starz. Second, I am a huge fan of the Jungle Cruise, but I’m not a big fan of the elephant in this set, mostly because I don’t know how I’d display her. Looking at the 360 view, I don’t find any of the options that aesthetically pleasing. For my final miss, I’m going to go with the Haunted Mansion ghost, even though that’s also a favorite attraction of mine. I prefer the Mickey-mold rendering of this character to the Park Starz version. He just needs a little something extra, like an accessory ball & chain.


  • Carnotaurus – I’m sorry to say that I’m really disappointed with this vinyl. His shape is very similar to Park Starz 1 Jose and it really doesn’t work for a dinosaur. I would have no idea this was supposed to be the Carnotaurus if I hadn’t been told. The shape is too obscure and even the facial features don’t represent him well. The horns come up out of his head on the vinyl, whereas they come out to the sides of the Carnotaurus’ head. The ‘arms’ of this vinyl look more like a strange goatee to me. In my opinion this vinyl just looks like a generic toy.
  • Gus – Again I’m sad to say that I’m disappointed with Gus. For a start this vinyl has no hair on his head like Gus does which makes him look unfinished or like he’s missing something. The ball and chain is also a disappointment. Perhaps it doesn’t work so well because this vinyl doesn’t have legs, but the round ball just looks like Gus has a strange hand, not like a ball and chain. These misses are probably the only thing holding me back from blind boxing Park Starz 2.

Mark – Aside from never having been to WDW, so some designs just don’t relate to me, there are some designs that fall a bit short. The first is Gus from the Haunted Mansion. I believe the shape of the mold he was placed on doesn’t interpret well, and the way he’s holding his ball and chain makes him look like he’s bowling. Although a miss, I would still add him to my collection just because it’s from Haunted Mansion. My next miss is Mark Twain. He looks a little too much like Colonel Sanders from KFC, and he may be the Abe Lincoln of PS2. The third miss is Wally Boag. At DLR, I usually only venture to Frontier Land to go on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and any other thing Western just doesn’t appeal to me and the Golden Horseshoe Revue was before my time.

Is the Carnotaurus meant to be so boxy? Unfortunately I have never been to WDW, so my knowledge about some of these (Disc Man, Tree Troll, Bathing Elephant) are minimal at best. I’d probably enjoy these designs more if I’d ever visited Epcot. Now the question on everyone’s mind is “why does Mark Twain look like Colonel KFC???”. Beats me VK readers, that’s definitely one I don’t care to collect. And is anyone else freaked out by Wally Boag? He looks like he’s as high as a kite, if you know what I mean… Anyway I hope they release a see-through Bellhop variant – guaranteed to fly off the shelves even at the very painful $18.95(?) each.

WDWRobert –  Carnotaurus:  Just like the Pop Corn Chernabog looking completely out of place and more so like an Angry Toe. This Carnotaurus looks more like an Angry and possessed Box of McDonalds French Fries.   Disc Man: I am going to defer this one till I see it. I think this one you need to wait and see in person.    Tree Troll:   I love this attraction and love the Tree Troll too. But I am not a big fan of this Version of him. He reminds me of Sponge Bobs Neighbor/Co-Worker Squidward. The Tree Troll looks its best when you don’t open the can.

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