I just got word from a great friend at the Disney Store about a few more Vinylmation release dates. Some we had heard of but a few more have popped up that are exciting!

5/20: Masks Series

6/14: Monsters University

6/21: Beauty and the Beast Series

6/21: Lone Ranger

6/24: Agent P Superhero Mission Marvel

6/24: Mickey Surfs

7/26: Muppets 3

The pushing back of Monsters University is a good idea. Most people don’t know the characters yet so let’s let the marketing time have more time! We have confirmation that Beauty and the Beast will come to the Disney Stores as well as the parks finally.  Lone Ranger and Muppets 3 are obvious series. We heard about the Agent P Superhero Mission Marvel yesterday as well. As for the Mickey Surfs release, the name sounds pretty obvious. No word yet if it is a blind box or a special release. Could it be the Hawaiian themed Vinylmation we heard about yesterday?

At the very least this year at the Disney Store is INFINITELY better than the crap we got thrust upon us last year in the stores.