Hit and Misses – Monsters University

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom give us their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Monsters University


RogPalmerUK – Monsters University is a little bit of a weird set for me, with the movie being released a few months away (its not out in the UK until July), having this set schedule for a release in April might be good to get people excited in the movie, but the actual designs are a little lost of me.  So while I’m not that interested in this series at the moment, maybe after I’ve seen the movie I might be a little big more excited for this.  That being said, I really enjoyed Monsters Inc and for that reason alone, a few of the main characters from that movie like Mike, Sully and Randall are characters I could happily add to my collection.

Disney Collector – I’m really hoping Monsters University will be good. After Cars 2 and Brave, Pixar needs a great movie. Regarding the Vinylmation series, it look pretty good, but with all the releases coming out I have a feeling this one will be shoved in a corner. With that said, my first hit is Randall. I love what they did with the eyes similar to Park 1 Kermit. Second hit would have to be Squishy (the five eyed monster), just an all around good figure. Third hit is Sully. Again, an all around good figure.

WDWRobert – Coming out in theaters on June 21 2013 will be the Prequel to the Popular Monsters Inc., its Monster University. But you don’t have to wait to get your Monsters University Vinylmations. They are coming out next week. That’s just over 2 months earlier than the movie. It’s been a while since I have watched M.I so some of these Vinyls I don’t recognize. Okay on to the Hits and Misses.

RandaI; can’t wait to see his character in the Prequel. I love this Vinyl, the colors are perfect. The Cardigan has a great look, but doesn’t it remind you of the Gryfindor Colors in Harry Potter? Again I love the whole package of this Vinyl.
George Sanders: I like this too! Nice colors. Love the Jacket. I just wish he could have had a better face. It just looks a bit off.
Sully: I do love his facial expression. He looks to me like is under some Spell though.
Johnny: He looks mean and ready to go. Actually at first glance I thought that He was Sully. Good use of the ears/horns, well done.


RogPalmerUK – Something about this series just hasn’t connected with me, which is probably because I don’t know half the characters in the set yet is a big reason why.  This set just lacks something that I can’t put my figure on, the Park 2 & Pixar Mike are both fantastic designs and I would love to have the 9” & 3” Sully & Boo in my collection one day, but most of this set is a miss for me.  With so many new series coming out in the next few months, these have slipped to the bottom of the pile.  I don’t know if its because the designs are pretty simple, had they just simply done a twin pack with Mike & Sully or possibly a Redux/Vogue smaller series I might have a different opinion on these.  It’s not that any of these designs are bad and watching the movie will no doubt change my mind on these figures, by which time these will have probably either sold out or been reduced to a BOGOF.

Disney Collector – First miss is Terri and Terry Perry. Until I saw a closeup, I had no idea what it was. I just thought it was a mascot. The eyes/heads are almost unoticable. My second miss is Art. When I saw the trailer, I knew this character would be hard to turn into a Vinylmation, and it turns out I was right. Third miss is Archie the Scare Pig, as he looks a bit ugly.

WDWRobert – Squishy: Not knowing who he is directly to either of the two moves. I can’t judge how he is from how he looks from the movie to a Vinyl.  Squishy’s Mommy: Good colors all around. Though and I’ll be saying this a lot; I cant judge on how she translates from Screen to Vinylmation.
Terry & Terri Perr: Since it’s April and the movie is two month away. We have to wait. But as a random figure it looks rather cool. Maybe they could of made this a topper?!
Archi the Scare Pig: One word; Pass.
Purple Dude: Though he is on my not want. I bet he will look cool on my 25th Anniversary light up base
Mike: I’m sorry, but he looks add. This one will be in my wait and see Vinylmation.
Carrie: I do like her Hair and her looks. Maybe my wife.  That’s it. I am sad. I had such high hopes for this series

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