urban redux variants

There has been a interesting development in the past 24 hours since the release of the Urban Redux #1 Blind box series in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  Watching the online forums, Twitter and Facebook groups, collectors from around the world are awaiting an image of the “Super Chaser”.

Whenever a new series comes out, there is always a rush to see who pulls the first chaser or variant from a new blind box series and Urban Redux #1 showed no signs of being any different, even with full previews from the Disney Park Blog and those who were lucky enough to pick up some bloxes before their release date.  To be over 24 hours since release with no pictures is very rare, the only recent series like this was Zooper Heroes because hardly anyone was buying them, but there has been lots of people buying Urban Redux blind boxes and trays.

So far we have seen the Chaser and the two variants.

urban redux variantsAnd we also know what the standard chaser looks like which is a Monkey with one face on both sides of the head:

redux chaser 2 redux chaser 1One thing to remember about the Urban Redux Series is that these aren’t yet officially released in Disney Stores across the United States nor through Disneystore.com.  Which means there are hundreds of cases sat in warehouses and stock rooms waiting to be released to the public.

There are lots of rumours flying around the internet that the Super Chaser is actually a hand painted original and that there could be as little as 24 available. But these are again, Just rumours.

Update ! Josh Edwards has reported that there are 24 SUPER MYSTERY CHASERS (4 each from six artists involved in the set) Super Mystery Chasers are blank vinylmation figurines that are personally hand-drawn by each Vinylmation designer. With each one as a one of kind creation, so there could be 24 Single Super Chasers.

Disney confirmed via the Disney Park Blog that the Super Chaser exists below:

The first noticeable thing is the tray now consists of eight boxes, not 24 as previously featured. Each tray will contain at least one of each of the five known designs shown on the packaging. The tray will also contain at least one of the following three figures – a “mystery” chaser, a variant figure or a super mystery chaser. Odds are also now featured on the individual boxes which indicate your chances of finding a particular figure. These changes mean that a tray may not contain a mystery chaser figure like before.

“We wanted the strongest possible designs for these smaller collections,” Thomas continued. “The smaller series will give our fans the ability to complete a series faster. We also added fun surprises to Urban Redux, like a small number of figures hand signed by the artists that we mixed into the tray

Guess we will find out soon!

And if you find one, be sure to let us know about it so we can share it with the Vinylmation community.