This evening over on Facebook , Trade Street USA posted this picture from tonight’s DLR trading event:


Looks like it’s…. Park 12 ?!?

From the top left, we have (clockwise):

1. Festival of the Lion King Monkey

2. Heffalump from Winnie the Pooh

3. Goofy’s Gas Station Pump

4. Countdown to Extinction Time Rover

5. Star Tours Starspeeder or Monorail (Mark VII?) (turned around…. chaser?) [Trade Street says it’s a Monorail, but it looks more like a Starspeeder to me]

6. Country Bear Jamboree Teddi Berra

7. Darla in scuba gear from Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

8. Winter Summerland Mini Golf Santa

9. Splash Mountain Vulture

10. Aladdin’s Flying Carpets Golden Spitting Camel

11. Mexico Pavilion Mariachi Player

12. Big Thunder Mtn. Dynamite Goat


Looks like this set will be released on June 14th.

Being that I LOVE the Park Series, I am excited. Hoping that the combo topper is also awesome.

Will you be getting Park 12? What are your Hits & Misses?