The Vinylmation Blog is No More?

A once great source of Vinylmation news, the Vinylmation Blog apparently is no more as of tonight. Regrettably, it was allowed to limp on for over the past year without as much love and attention it once had from its prior “manager.” With a sneak page that was 18 months out of date, I guess I should be happy. Now, the Disney Merchandise blog has taken over the url which will give us Vinylmation, pins, and other merchandise news.

You know what? I’m actually sad to see it go. The archives are seemingly gone along with the personal touch and “specialness” it gave to Vinylmations. Along with the reduction of Vinylmation trading, D-Street’s changes, and now the death of the once great blog, Vinylmations are just yet another merchandise on the wall. You can decide if that’s a good or bad thing.

UPDATE: Steven Miller says the DMB (Not Dave Matthews Band) is still being worked on so hopefully we’ll see a return to updates soon.

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