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customshowcaseWelcome to a new feature on Vinylmation Kingdom, Custom Showcase.  Each week Vinylmation Kingdom talks to a Custom Artist about their latest project, the inspiration behind it along with some other questions we’ve put to the artists.  This week we spoke with NRB Relic

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a self taught Artist…..I have been painting and sculpting since I was young. I have loved Disney most of my life I even worked there when I was 18 -21 as a Attraction Hostess then when I got married we moved out of the area only to return two more times over the years so when I was introduced to DIY Vinylmations at the first D23 in Anahiem I found a new way to be involved with Disney…My custom vinyls started very simple but have evolved into the very detail pieces…I just love the challenge these DIY Vinylmations have provided these almost 4 years…..and all of the wonderful people in the vinylmation community that I have gotten to know and to become life long friends with family with…..it has been a wonderful blessing!

What is your latest custom project?

My latest completed Vinylmation was a 9″ customized Mr. Fredrickson (from up) for a young lady for her dad In memory of his father…It was such an honor to do it for her….!

Where do you get your Inspiration for your latest Custom Vinylmation?

It was from  young lady named Tracy Kidston she requested a 9″ Mr Fredrickson from up. You see Her grandfather looked very much like Carl with a few special  additions like rainbow suspenders and a wonderful hat he wore with all kinds of special pins…

How do you go about designing your Custom?

I go with what subject moves me, what excites me unless I am doing a requested commission, then I build off then dreams and wishes of the collector…. I do not normally sketch out anything I just start with a vision and go right to it directly on the Vinylmation….it scares me everytime…I never know how it is going to turn out…my canvases always started out with the first painted line on the canvas…

How many hours went into making your latest Custom project?

Oh boy I really don’t know how many…it was quite a few because there was extensive sculpting involved….I admit I am not the fastest Artist around thats for sure…but I do put my heart and soul into every piece I do big or small, detailed or not.

What are some of your tips or tricks you can share with others?

No tricks here… but maybe a tip or two…always use the best materials your budget will allow…if you can have a dedicated space to create in…..and some great music….!

and P.S don’t be to hard on yourself….! especially working in DIY vinylmations they can be a challenge for even for the most trained or seasoned artist….hang in there!

Which mold do you prefer to paint on and why?

I really love the old mold….the old mold looks like Mickey…..the new mold has lost a lot of the shape that made him Mickey…. he is more generic, the hands on the new mold look like they are on backwards…I know eventually that will be the only choice that I will have….but for the near future I will continue to paint on the old mold big and small.

What’s your favourite Custom you have ever created?

I have really loved all my pieces because I put so much into each one of them…. I mean there was Edward, It begins with a mirror, Mr, Fredrickson.The Beast….I think to pick one would be unfair to my collectors because the one they collected was their favorite…. and for me to pick one might seem that theirs was not as special….and that would never be true…..

And finally how can people get in touch with you?

They can get in touch with me by Going to my website at  www.nrbrelic.com or through Facebook at nrbrelic or they can email me directly at nrbrelic@gmail.com.

Here are some examples of NRB Relic’s work:

_A Gift To Present_ _Biomechanical Heartless Scar_ _JailBird Mickey Mouse_ MR.Fredrickson9

If your a Custom Artist who would like to be featured in our Custom Showcase, feel free to contact me either by email (Roger@Vinylmationkingdom.com), Twitter (@RogPalmerUK) or via a Private Message on the forums.

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