Hits and Misses – Mickey’s Circus

This edition of “Hits and Misses” is a special Mickey Circus themed version where members of the Kingdom have given their “Hits” and “Misses” from the event.  Unlike in the normal “Hits and Misses” we are focusing on a series as a whole rather than individual vinyls.


RogPalmerUK – There was so many new releases announced at Mickey’s Circus, picking just my favourite 3 isn’t going to be easy, but off the top of my head I’m excited about Popcorns, 2013 and Pixar.  I decided not to pick one of my favourite series “Star Wars 3” since they didn’t really show us a lot more than they did at Celebration Vi.   I could have easily added Muppets 3, Haunted Mansion or Animation 3 to this list too, but that’s the rules.

My first pick is the 2013 series since I like the overall design of many from the series and how they are going about releasing them over the entire year as well as making them a limited edition, this is a great way of doing something new and fresh that will be much more exciting than just the usual 4 yearly offerings.  The Pixar series looks very interesting to me since in the past decade, Pixar has become the main source of new movies and characters, with a whole generation growing up with these characters and probably more importantly, have some fantastic designs such as the Alien Toy Story 3 pack and Bug’s Life Tuck & Roll, this is going to be a very popular series.  Finally my last choice is Popcorns, they just look so different and fresh.  I am beyond the issues with different molds now, they have created so many different molds, its no longer a problem and I simply like the designs (Especially the Chip & Dale), while I’m not impressed with the $25 price tag, I’m going to be adding some of these to my collection.

JEP –  First and Foremost it has to be Muppets Series 3. I honestly though that after how much Muppets Series 2 got marked down that there wouldn’t be another series. The five designs they have shown so far are great! If they include Reporter Kermit, Gonzo in his sweater vest and Walter in this series I will be very pleased.

My second hit is Animation 3. The Three Caballeros is one of my favorites and I am so happy to see that Panchito will soon be joining Jose from Series 2 on my shelf. The Fox and the Hound set is a must have!

My third hit which I am sure is a hit with everyone else is Pixar Series 1. It is about time they got around to this no brainer of a series! I usually don’t buy 9″/3″ combos, but Crush and Squirt is a must have set. It is also finally good to see a Mr. Incredible. Hopefully the rest of his family will join him in future series.

Arjaneelco – Overall I have to say that Mickey’s Circus was a huge succes.. I had some doubt when SDCC hit this year and at the time I felt they had shown so much already. Boy was I wrong, the amount of stuff they previewed and announced at Mickey’s Circus was incredible, mind blowing even. No doubt collectors will have to prioritize what to get but boy are there some awesome sets on the horizon.

My first hit is Animation 3. I love the Animation series as for me the most important thing in Disney collecting is the animatedmovies.. After all it’s what started it all. This series will also feature one of my all time favorite charaters : Robin Hood. They did not show him with his hat but I’ve read that he will get one. Fingers crossed they’ll give him a bow too! The other characters are great too, some really string ones like Panchito and the Todd & Copper set. My second hit is Pixar Series 1. Awesome designs, awesome choice of characters and really love the combo sets too. This is going to be such a popular series, I can only hope supply meets the demand.Vinylmation has a strong future with sets like this. My third hit is the Fantasia sets.It might not have been Disney’s biggest hit at the time but one very close to Walt heart and a classic in every right. Some iconic scenes and characters have been made into 2-pack, looking forward to them!

EPCOTPlu– First off, I must admit that my attitude about being interested in many upcoming series was to keep it at the bare minimum. I can see that after viewing all of the previews, the temptation is seriously beyond the roof. So many great blind box and open window sets – it was surprisingly difficult to select a few winners! After much debating, and considering what the others will likely choose as their hits, here are my hits:

1. Popcorns – For a kernel mold, despite the distorted shape, the execution is pretty darn flawless. Each are a unique mold that rather than being abominations, are creatively cute, pattering off the particular traits of each character (horns, ears, Muppet eyes, haunches). It’s like Park Starz 2.0, in a way. I have the feeling people will slowly warm up to the new mold sooner than most will assume… So can’t wait to purchase my Pluto from online!

2. Haunted Mansion – After years of patiently waiting, this series is finally hitting shelves in October, and it should certainly satisfy the numbers of HM fans. Great expressions, love the much-needed accessories (Gus has an actual ball!) and is IMO a worthwhile addition even if you get a few only. Hope Ezra finds his way into the set but not as a variant, BTW, rather odd to not see him yet Phineas and Gus are part of the set.

3. Classic Collection – The sleeper hit of a series so far, the cast of familiar and obscure Disney cartoon characters is personally a massive improvement from HAL. Each character’s endearing personality is captured really nicely on the canvas mold, and the accessories are a fun touch, like those goat horns. Will definitely be getting several bloxes in hopes of finding its amazing Oswald chaser in one…


RogPalmerUK – There was so many new releases shown to us at Mickey’s Circus, I did actually think “I can’t buy them all for cash and space reasons” and very quickly certain series became obvious that I wouldn’t buy them.  For one, I hate Cutesters, so Cutester’s Vogue is a instant Miss to me, they might be popular for the girls but they aren’t for me, however I am pleased they are going onto a different mold.  Another big miss for me is the new Urban Redux since I am not a big lover of the Urban series and I just don’t think the designs on this series are enough to blow me away considering they are apparently doing a reboot which looks to me like they have just made the cases smaller.  And finally for my last choice I was a bit torn, as Robots 3, Myths and Legends as well as Zooper Heroes all just jumped out as weaker lines that a watering down the Vinylmation brand but I suppose my bigger Miss was Park 11 which is based on a park I’ve never visited and considering I’ve not completed Park 10 or 9 yet, instantly made me take a slight dislike to them (though I probably will still get them).

JEP – As for my Misses number one has to go to Zooper Heroes…. just why? These will probably sell just as well as Under the Big Top.

Miss 2 goes to Urban Redux Series 1. They don’t look different than past Urban series. Unless what they have planned special for this series is amazing these will just as well as past Urban series.

Miss 3 belongs to Cutesters Series 5 aka Cutesters in Vouge. The only reason I might would buy any of these is because of the Minnie Mouse mold.

Arjaneelco – My first miss is Urban Redux.The urban series has been in decline for quite some time and I guess the Vinylmation team acknowledged this and tried to set things right. Except the Redux part is unclear to me, instead they could have just called it Urban 10. I like the fact they want to try and fix it bit this is no better dan previous entries to be honest. Personally  I think Urban can only be saved by outside names as has been vented on the forums before. The sentiment on the forums is that they need to look at what KidRobot is doing with their Dunny series. My second miss is Haunted Mansion. Of course I like the ride and I fully understand the fan following but the set overal does not excite me… I get the use of the clear vinyls but I think they’ve overdone it in this set. My third miss is Mechanical Kingdom. I didn’t like it when we first saw it at SDCC and I still don’t like it. I do like steampunk designs but these just look bland and I think that’s what’s troubling me most, the missed oppertunity. It could have been a great series taking it’s cues from the Mechanical Kingdom Pin series but yeah… a miss for me.


Alas, there were a select few based from the previews that really didn’t click.

1. Park 11 – Look, while I like the idea of California Adventure getting its own series, not a single design has truly attracted my attention so far. A lot of beautifully detailed vinyls but some are just so obscure that it’s near impossible to immediately recognize it’s from a park at first glance. Minnie and Genie are both fantastic, though my desire to get this isn’t as strong. And the Grizzly Peak 9” is surprisingly… bleh. Will have to wait and see the chaser.

2. 2013 Series – I like several vinyls here, as well as the idea it will be limited rather than hoarding shelves forever but… I can’t get past the clownish hats. It is as necessary as the bubble helmets in that I Heart Mickey set – it just isn’t. Most of the designs are borderline tacky anyway. It will be a tough sell except maybe certain ‘Villain’ inspired vinyls, notably Jack Skellington.

3. Urban Redux – While I give the VM team credit for trying to shake up things with a smaller case layout, adding variant ratios, two chasers and a mere set of 8, the designs aren’t so great. Face it, the reboot still retains the same, tired, random designs we have come to expect from Urbans for the sake of more VM sale profit. I can see myself not buy into the Urban series any longer, which is a shame since there were some great designs near the end of the original run.

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