Thanks to a late night tip from Vinylmation Kingdom friend “SK” , I can now finally show you the pictures of the Cinderella Vinylmations that we were first to report months ago. I’m excited to see we have more than one Vinylmation.

This 9 inch “Cinderella Castle” design is a nice surprise and especially good that it is the castle from the movie and on the original Vinylmation mold. It’s coming in at a higher price though at $59.95. No word yet on the LE size.

As nice as the 9 inch is, we also got a look at a very cool multiple VM pack.

You don’t see the 5 3″ and 2″ Jr Combo Pack much! In 3″ form, we get Cinderella and the Prince, the Fairy Godmother, Anastasia, and Druzella. The Juniors are obviously Jaq and Gus. As a whole, you get 7 Vinylmations for the price of $69.95. Again, no word on LE.

After seeing the Vinylmations, I bet you want to know when you can get them! You don’t have long to wait at all. You will be able to grab these at Disney Stores on October 2nd: the same day as the Blu Ray Release!