Disneyland Paris’s official Vinylmation page Vinylmation.fr has been updated with the following:

Vendredi  31 Aout 2012
#Vinylmation ™ – Stars Wars™ #2

@       Pueblo Trading Post, Frontierland

Which translated means the blind box series Star Wars 2 is coming to Disneyland Paris on August 31st.  This isn’t a surprising move since Star Wars Series 1 has been available over there and recently the Open Window Series has been released in the French park.

However its great to see Star Wars 2 released over here just days after being released in the US.

Expect the price to be the usual DLP currency conversion of the $ becoming a €, so I would guess they would be €12.95.

So European collectors, if your after them, its a great time to get in touch with the DLP Mail Order team