Weird week. Busy week. I do not think that I have enough time to complete my VK assignment.  It is not right not to do it. I need to get it done. But how am I going to manage an entire review in such a short time? I hope the professor will not be upset with me. I hope that he does not find out what I did. But I am in a pinch and just can not get through Alice in Wonderland in such a time frame.

So I will have to break out………………..


… the Cliffs Notes.

Yep. Zeros and Heros will be abridged this week. But there are some themes that I would like to touch on before we start this shortened review. It is interesting to me that through the story of Alice, she struggles with the problem of shifting identity. and her  final triumph occurs when she outgrows nonsense. Hmmm….are vinyls taking a similar path? And here is a question sure to evoke much thought and discussion. “Explain the sentiment of the Mouse’s long tale, the Mock Turtle’s story and the “Lobster-Quadrille.” or you could just “Relate aspects of enchantment to the nostalgia that Alice experiences in Wonderland”

Good luck. I fully expect your answers in the comment section of this article. For now just read on as…………

…………I bring you Xero’s Heros and Zeros : Alice in Wonderland Cliffs Notes Edition.

First up. The Zeros

Zero #10,974


I can hear the clammering already.

“What do you mean Alice?” You ask.

“How can Alice be a Zero, she is not even in this set?” You say.

Well that is the reason. There is NO Alice. The name of this set is “Alice in Wonderland”  Seems wrong to me NOT to have an Alice in “Alice in Wonderland”. If there is no Alice, why not just name it “Wonderland”?  You know what, I am going to edit the title of this review right now. OK done. Now let’s go on


Zero # -3


Insert Cliffs notes edtion abridged comment here…….All I can see when I look at this one is this

Or this

Moving on

Zero #F


Just looking at this design makes me want to repeatedly smack it across the room. I can see why the Queen of Hearts does what she does with the Hedgehogs. If that is the look and the feel the artist was going for than congrats, you nailed it. I would actually consider liking this design if it was included in a 9”/Jr set. The Queen of Hearts being a 9” holding a croquet stick looking down at the poor little scared Hegdehog just waiting to send him screaming across the garden. Now that would be cool. I have plenty of awesome ideas like this, so Thomas Scott if you want to get in touch with me, I am an active member of these VK boards. The name is Xero. Just sign up and pm me. I would be happy to get back with you. We could even keep it hush hush. We  would love to have you and some of your artist friends join us.

Now, shall we stroll into the Hero section of our Garden? Come. Come. Look around.

Hero #G60s

The Bro's Tweedle

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

No way that these could be left out. I would have loved to see these as variants however. But not like in a hard to get Purple Bubbles or Yellow Candy way. Make the case so neither one is more rare than the other. Maybe instead of 2 Dums and 2 Dees in a case of 24. Cut that in half and only make 2 Tweedles per case. Only have one of each. One Tweedle Dee and one Tweedle Dum. That would leave room for a 13th design. Uhhhh….maybe like, uhhhh …………Alice.


Hero #1,000,000,000,001 +1/2

Quick question Mr President. Who do you think is a better design? Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts? You only have 20 seconds for your answer. And you can pick just one

Just not sure how to answer this one, huh Mr President? Well hurry up, we only have 7 seconds remaining

This is a tough decision.The Queen or the Madhatter? Oh, you know what Mr President,  this is Wonderland, there are no rules, So we will have 2 #2’s this week. So sir, you are off the hook. But in true Cliffs Notes fashion I gotta make it brief.

Had Matter

Love the Hat on the Hatter with the tufts of hair sprouting out. And arms not coming out of ears is always a plus

As far as the Queen goes.

Phonetic: Queen O' Farts

Love almost everything about this one. It all starts with her facial expression. Although I am disappointed that she does not hold an accessory. Maybe a croquet stick so she can smack that stupid hedgehog around, a septor or maybe even a painted rose.

Writers note – Did a quick google image search on “Queen of Hearts” and all I can say is “Oh My!!!!!!!!!!” Never will I look at the Queen of Hearts the same again. I had no idea. I will leave it at that

Hero #The Last Hero

Cheshire Cat

What can I really say about this one? It is good. The fluffy tail makes it great. And that smile goes from ear to ear to ear to ear. Not sure that it could be any bigger. Which is both awesome and awful. Let me explain. I will say that the smile seems to accentuate the broad flatness that is the new mold. But at this point, it is what it is. The Cheshire Cat looks good. I am still loving my Bakery Cheshire a tad bit more, but that’s just me. I just love frosting. Can’t resist the stuff. Whipped. Creamed. White. Chocolate. Sprinkles. Confetti. Whatever. I love me some Frosting.

But just like the Cheshire Cat it is time for me to dis…..a……pear

Good Bye