We brought you the first image of the upcoming Vinylmation a month ago but today we can confirm a story first brought to you by’s Blog. Vinylnation posted earlier that they had gotten the entire lineup for the Alice series from a Disney Store employee. Here it is:


• White Rabbit
• Mad Hatter (w/ Variant)
• March Hare
• Dodo Bird
• Tweedle Dee
• Tweedle Dum
• Baby Oyster
• Caterpillar (neck attachment)
• Cheshire Cat
• Queen (w/ crown attachment)
• Hedgehog Green (Pink Variant)
• Dinah (Chaser)
• Crying Alice 9” + Alice Jr. + Clear Drink Me Jr. + Eat Me Jr.
• Walrus 9” + Carpenter 3”

After talking to a few Disney Store employees, it seems that this is as confirmed as it gets without official word from Vinylmation.

There are also rumors about an Ear Hat/Vinylmation/Vinylmation Jr. combo. This is not set in stone, but I am 95% sure this is the lineup.
The series is on the new mold. Pics to follow!
EDIT: We have a tentative release date now: August 19th!