Dollars and Sense #14: What’s Hot and What’s Not!

Welcome to another edition of Dollars and Sense, the Vinylmation Kingdom’s weekly look at the economics of collecting.  The sole purpose of this column is to help you build a collection you truly LOVE at the lowest cost possible.   For those first-time readers, every other edition of Dollars and Sense we take a look back at the previous 2 weeks of eBay selling and see what we can learn from what’s hot and what’s not.  This weeks edition involves the dates from July 9 to July 22.  All prices include shipping to your door and a card is present if applicable.

Park 1

  • As a whole, Park 1 prices are starting to plateau a bit, which is nice for buyers.  The Balloon Chaser had two sales at an average of $522.  This is down from $595 from the prior two weeks when three hit the market.   Five Balloon Chasers is a lot to be on the market in a 4-week span, so it would not be a big surprise for the price to start climbing again shortly if supply is more limited.
  • Kermit hopped over Creepy Wallpaper to take over the #2 spot on the Park 1 price rankings with an average sale price of $180.   Creepy Wallpaper has been deathly stable in the $160-$170 range since April, but a rise is expected in September as we near the Room For 1 More Event and the Haunted Mansion Vinylmation release.
  • Figment and Yeti were consistent with prices in the $130’s and $110’s, respectively.
  • Magical Stars took a hit with a drop in price to $90.   This vinyl, more than any other in the series, really can fly around.
  • ELP is coming back to earth with sales in the $94 range after a recent spike.
  • No big surprises with the rest:  Teacups-$90, Fireworks-$88, Monorail-$82, SMRT-1-$74, Bad Apple-$65.
  • On the 9′ front, my all-time favorite 9″ vinyl, Safari Mickey, commanded the hefty price tag of $499.99.  By far the most expensive 9″ vinyl out there and depending on the week, it is close to surpassing the 9″/3″ combos as well.

Park 2

  • Few things are more reliable on the market than Park 2.  The average prices for this popular series rarely waver.  Pongo continues in the $170’s, LGM in the $60’s, Ariel in the $55-$62 range, and Mike W in the $50’s.  Penny Machine did show a spike with an average price of $40.  This price should come back down soon.
  • Only 2 9″ vinyls sold from this series,  DLR Castle for $100 and Epcot Icons for $106.   These two vinyls do not get much love at all, considering how long ago they were released.  I am speculating that the superior (yet similar) Hong Kong castle has eroded interest in the DLR castle. As far as Epcot Icons, it has always been the least loved out of the bunch.    A little color would have gone a long way.


Park 3

  • Big news from the Park 3!   Test Track is speeding away with no signs of crashing.  This 9″/3″ combo is interesting in that there are two versions–the WDW version (LE 400) with I-4 on the 3″ and a DLR version (LE 100) with I-5 on the 3″.  Test Track is VERY rarely on eBay (at auction or reasonable prices), but when it has shown up, the WDW has sold in the $150-200 range and DLR around $250.  Well, the market has been dry and a seismic price spike has occurred,  $510 for WDW Test Track and $600 for DLR Test Track!   I do not expect the prices to stay this high, but it is good to see a great vinyl combo get some serious love.

Park 4

  • Prices continue to settle down for Park 4.   Sealed cases price dropped from $435 to $425 and as a whole the individual vinyls are doing the same.   The Colonel continues in the low $40’s, Epcot and Goofy in the mid-$30’s.  The others are predominantly in the $20’s.
  • On the 9″ front, Tiki Room sold for $140 which is approximately its average and Peter Pan dropped in price to $110.

Park 5

  • Continues to be a very hot series.  Despite five sealed cases exchanging hands, the price continues in the $450 range.  Sets of 12 had an average of $240.
  • Tom Morrow continues to slowly increase in value and is now selling for more than the Park 4 Colonel with an average price of $45.
  • The Haunted Mansion Clock is hot right now with sales pushing $40.  This should continue.
  • Stitch is still grabbing chaser money at $45, while the Abominable Snowman and Flowers and Fairies are very respectable at $30 each.

Park 6

  • Quick Update here:
  • Abe  for ~$30.
  • Purple Donald–$188
  • Orange Donald–$95
  • Animal Kingdom–$70–This price is coming down some.


Urban 1

  • Slow couple of weeks for Urban 1–No Cases, sets or even Gold Chasers sold.
  • Oopsy and El Super Raton dropped down to $145 each from the $160-170 range.
  • Checkered and Who’s There continue to be the next in the pecking order with sales in the mid-$80’s.
  • The most sought after Urban 9″ continues to be the very limited produced (only 200) Mummy which  had a healthy sale at $250.

Urban 2-6 Highlights

  • Urban 2 Case–$395
  • Urban 2 Set of 12–$283
  • Urban 2 Green Tea Chaser–$63
  • Urban 3 Watermelon Chaser–$37
  • Urban 4 Case–$675 (I pray that none of you were this person)
  • Urban 4 Set of 12–$275
  • Urban 4 Paint Drip Mickey–$140
  • Urban 4 Supermouse–$50
  • Urban 5 3D Mickey–22 sold for average of $69 (this should drop for a while with all the sales)
  • Urban 6 Gryffin Chaser–$38
  • Urban 6 Yellow Text–$131
  • Urban 6 Orange text–$66


Other Series Highlights

  • Cutesters Case–Still around $240
  • Cutesters Castle Chaser–$64
  • Cutesters Too Red Apple Chaser–$37
  • Cutesters Too Green Apple Chaser–$125
  • Cutesters Too Yellow Candy Variant–$110–Going up
  • Cutesters Too Purple Bubbles–$44–Going down
  • Cutesters Like You Chaser–$55
  • Holiday 1 Hearts Chaser–$58
  • Holiday 1 9″ Jack Skellington–$130–Going up
  • Holiday 2 Santa Chaser–$50
  • Holiday 2 9″ Graveyard–$85
  • Muppets 1 Case–$260
  • Muppets 1 Kermit Chaser–$90–going up
  • Muppets 2 Case–$170-210
  • Muppets 2 Waldo Chaser–$48
  • Star Wars Case–$450
  • Star Wars Ghost Obi Wan Variant Chaser–$275
  • Star Wars Obi Wan Chaser–$60
  • Villains Jafar Chaser–$60
  • Villains Ursula–$20
  • Villains Old Hag–$18
  • Villains 9″ Maleficent–$115


Special Release Highlights

  • Day of the Dead 9″–$170–Spike
  • Oogie 9″–$140
  • Santa Jack 9″/3″ Combo–$125
  • Noah Pirate 9″Exclusives–$857
  • Kidada 9″–$84


Thanks for following along….good luck with building your collections!





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