Fan Review: San Francisco Vinylmation Release

When there is a release, it’s always good to hear the point of view of the collector on the scene. As a reminder, we publish the reviews from the fans as they are written. This is their account, not ours.Last week, we brought you a review of the situation at Walt Disney World’s D-Street. It went well. The same cannot be said from the multiple reports we read on Facebook and Twitter from the Vinylmation Kingdom community. Multiple reports say that the San Francisco store received only 100 of the 3 inch vinyls and 100 of the 9 inch vinyls. The first people started getting into line at 1am! The following is the recap from one of our Facebook fans, Jeff Wagley who was present for the release.

3 inch San Francsico Vinylmation


San Francisco 9 inch Limited Edition

Here’s my personal review/experience at the SF release this morning.

I got there right at 6:30am and there were 32 people in line in front of me. I figured there were people going for coffee or breakfast and I was probably around number 40 in line, this was counting everyone including kids. Everyone in line was great, we had a lot of fun with the group in front of us! There were people walking up and down the line with trades so that was cool too. I was having a good experience up to that point. As you know today was Gay Pride day and the parade was literally 50 yards behind us so the place was packed! At around 10am a male CM who said he was a Manager and two female CMs came out. They would not say how many they had but did say they were limiting people to 2 9″ and 2 3″. As soon as they walked out I did a final count. I was number 39 in line. The group behind us did a count as well and came up with the exact same number. There is no doubt where we were in line. The CMs started taking down orders and stamping hands. They kept looking at us and shaking their heads but we were confident because 39 x 2 = 78 and there’s no way they had less than a hundred right?!? Well, they got to the group in front of us and announced loudly that they only had 100 of each and both were now sold out. I was really polite and asked how that was possible. I explained that I counted as he was going and there were only 38 in front of me. He was unreal rude!! WE ARE SOLD OUT! I asked to see the list but he refused. A few people quite a ways behind us were really mad. They too had done the count and knew they should be included. One guy asked how it was even possible and the CM Manager said that was none of his business. I also heard him answer “oh well” to another person but I didn’t hear the question. When someone asked why they didn’t control the lines like Apple does, he said something about it not being his job.

I was really disappointed in the process and the attitude of the employees. If Cast Members grabbed some for themselves that’s fine, but don’t lie about it. Very frustrating.

Line in front of Jeff at the San Francisco Release


The line behind Jeff at the San Francisco release.

Thanks Jeff for your report. I know from reading other accounts on our Facebook page that they stuck with the limit of two 9 inch designs and 5 three inch designs that was published originally. I do think that since they only got in a limited stock, maybe they should have limited the numbers allowed to be purchased on release day. On a whole, it was a bad day for everybody. Bad for the Vinylmation collectors who drove in from as far away as San Diego and for cast members who cannot control the numbers they receive. However, if there is one thing a manager should do is to make a judgement call to make sure he can satisfy the most people. If the shipment they received was a fraction of what they expected, they should have limited the vinylmations per person. Yes some people would have been upset but not nearly as many who were this day. I also hope that in the future that the Disney Store/Vinylmation teams help inform the stores of how frenzied these releases can be.

On a bright side, the San Francisco

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