San Antonio—Disney Store Redesign–North Star Mall

We love a lot of things here in San Antonio…the Alamo, our Spurs, great mexican food, warm weather,  cowboy boots, but we are not a real big Disney town.  So I was pleasantly surprised when we were chosen to be one of the first stores to undergo the extensive redesign.   I have been checking every few weeks to see if they were set to open yet…nope, nope…until, finally, I found out that June 8 was the big day. So of course, I had to check things out.


First off, it’s gorgeous.  As soon as you walk in, the store is bursting with creativity, energy, and of course merchandise.

One of my favorite parts of the experience were the large trees with projected animation on it (it was animated birds singing when we first arrived).

Immediately to the left there is a kid-size castle for the girls to walk into and play (and of course try on Disney princess dresses).  Magical Mirror included!

To the right, you have an interactive cars area.

In the middle of the store there is a mini-movie theater with a huge screen and, today, it was showing Tangled (Best Disney Princess movie since Little Mermaid, in my opinion).

Everywhere you look there was incredible attention to detail making this a magical experience.

So I wound my way to the back of the store and found what I was really look for…vinyls!  This store had previously carried some 3″ vinyl series (Animation, Toy Story, Have a Laugh, Urban 5), but no 9″.    I was pleased to see some extra vinyl love in the new store.


Finally, San Antonio has been blessed with some love from the world of 9″.   They had Green Slime from Urban 5, Pete/Elliott from Animation, and Julius/Minnie from the Villain’s series.  Very excited to see that we will be part of the Limited Release 9″ rotation if they do a similar release again in the future.  Could Bolt make an appearance down the road?  Here’s hoping. :)   As far as the 3″ series, they were carrying Animation, Urban 6, Cutesters Too, Cutesters Like You, and Muppets 2.   They also had a ton of the Pop Vinyls.  I was also pumped to see that the are doing in-store trading.  One of the Cast Members was very knowledgeable about vinyls, except for the fact that she has not heard of  She now knows.  :)


So I had to purchase something at a grand occasion such as this (I’m good at convincing myself to buy these things), so I decided to bite the bullet and see what my girls think of Cutesters Like You.  Picked up 3 Cutesters Like You  along with a Muppets 2 for me (had to maintain my masculinity, but I of course promptly traded my Scooter for Pandy).  While I was waiting in line, I noticed that the set looks pretty good all next together.   To the casual fan, I do not think the new mold will be a deal breaker. They look like little girls in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The chubby cheeks on these girls is counter-acted by their chubby torsos, so I view it as somewhat of a wash since they were going to be chubby anyways.  However, when you look at them next to the Muppets, you get sad as you see the nose, eyes, and those long-lost buttons.


So I hurried home and surprised the girls with their blind-boxes.

Purple Bubbles pulled Rocky, Sparkle Snoph opened Dreamy and that darn Chaser Girl tore open the Chaser, Cutie!

After the elation of pulling the chaser had worn off a bit, I asked the girls what they thought of the series in person.   They liked it!  They think they are cute and they like seeing all the different girls dressed up differently, but part way through the discussion, there was a yelp…….”Where is the nose, Dad? How about the eyes? THE BUTTONS!!!”   They luster of the series was gone  as they realized they were not the same.   I knew how they felt.

Love the store, still bummed about the mold.  Chaser girl has another chaser.  Overall a good day.



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