Ever had one of those days? Well I am having one right now. Why is it that nobody can do anything right anymore? You know what I am talking about. Like your Father always said. If you want it done right, you better do it yourself. Now I finally know why he would say such a thing. Because few people seem to really care or take pride in anything these days.

Makes you think doesn’t it? What is going on these days? Or was is always this way and it just never really bothered me? No I am not Michael Douglas in Falling Down, just a little frustrated. That was a great movie though. Wasn’t it?

Does anyone else ever feel this way or is it just me? Am I the only person that has a 50/50 shot of receiving the correct fast food order?  Come on man, I ordered an iced tea NOT a Coke. And  I asked for Honey Mustard NOT Barbecue. Grrr. Is it really that difficult to get it right? How many times have you either not gotten your fries or they were only half full? Sometimes I feel like ordering something that I would never eat just because odds are I wouldn’t get it anyways. Maybe I would actually get the meal I really wanted. Just check the bag before you give it to me. One time. Not that much extra effort, you know.

And why is it that Every. Single. Time.  I get in a store check out line something has to go wrong? Always. And I mean always! A price check here. A check writer there. Gotta call a manager one day. Credit card got denied the other. The check out line is really not the place to decide if you want to buy something or not. Why do these things always have to happen to the person checking out right in front of me?  Come on.

How about a  price sticker? Why is it that everytime I see something that peeks my interest at a store, it does not have a price tag on it? Never fails. Hey honey. I would say. This is a really cool looking (fill in the blank). It is, she replies. How much? Well let me take it off the shelf and check. NO TAG ! Seriously? No price tag. Must be free I say. Happens all the time. No joke. Ask my wife.

Am I the only one that lives this blessed curse?

And heaven forbid I try to sleep in one day. Did the neighbor across the street really need to cut his grass at 8AM today? Go golfing first, then cut your grass later man. It is my only day off. Oh well I am up now. And speaking of grass cutting. When are the awesome people that live behind me gonna cut their grass? It has only been 3 weeks now. Although I am really enjoying the lovely hues of yellow and green that sway in the springtime breeze.

So I needed a review to cheer me up this week. I looked at all of my vinylmations. And believe you me, I have a lot.  Checked out  Urban 1-5, Animation, Villains, Park1-6, Have a Laugh, Muppets , Holiday and all my window boxed stuff. One series stood out to me this week

Park 5.

Why Park 5?

In looking at all the Park sets it may be the strongest from top to bottom. Sure Park 1 has the Balloon Chaser and Creepy Wallpapper. Park 2 has the holy trinity. Park 3. Well lets skip that one. Park 4 has some awesome designs as well. But the duds are duds. Then there is Park 5. There is no poorly designed figure in the lot. But needless to say, there does have to be 3 zeros in the set. So like Peter Pan says…


Xero’s Zeros


Pirate Helmsman

When I first blind box this lightweight, I was excited about it. And I was even more enamored with it when someone told me that it glows in the dark. But Disney has managed to damper my love of this guy, First I find out that he is the filler. Which is usually a quick road to being a Zero. Then I find out that there are going to be 3 more similar designs in the new Pirates of the Carribean series. Overkill guys. Serious overkill. Although he will be the only Pirate in the original mold. (Quick jab at the new mold…shhh). All that I can still live with, because he glows in the dark. And that is super cool. So I take him in a room, turn off the light and close the door. And you know what? He didn’t glow in the dark. WHAT? Are You kidding me? He has everything a half dead skeleton pirate dude needs sans a weapon. Cute red and white striped pants, an earring, an eyepatch and exposed bones. But the one thing I needed him to do, he wouldn’t. Darn PIrates. They will lie to you every time. AARRGGGH. Never trust a Pirate. Even a Disney one.

Zero #2

Magic Mirror

Frankly, I am a bit frightened to put this one on the list. And there is no way that I am saying “Candyman” three times while looking at it. If you have seen that movie, you know what I am talking about. The thing about this vinyl is that it is lacking something. MIrror, Mirror on the wall who is the plainest of them all? Did I just say that? Sorry. Maybe it needs some more yellow greenish smoke. Maybe the mirror should have been bigger. Maybe if I was more of an artist and less of a critic I would have the answer. I don’t know. But this one missed the mark. I am sad to say that there are many more fairer than thee. I will not play into your vanity. Moving on……….

Zero #3

Lightening McQueen

“You got more talent in one lugnut than a lot of cars have got on their whole body. But your”…..the King goes on to call Lightening McQueen “Stupid”. Well, I am not going to go that far, but I will say that I am a bit let down by this design. This is the best design a company that can put out 20 different Lightening McQueen matchbox cars can come up with? I am not buying it. Love the wheels for ears. In fact, those wheel ears may be some of the best usage of ears to date. But that big Ligthening bolt down the front is a bit lazy. Shockingly uninspired. The backside is much better and it should have been worked into the front detailing. I will call this vinyl Thunder McQueen. And not because it follows lightening, It has bam-crash-boom, but it just has no spark. Ka-chunk

I don’t know about you, but I feel much better about the world after getting all that off my chest. I am not saying that I am ready to line up at the DMV or anything, but maybe I could tolerate a trip to the post office now.

On to my Park 5 Heros

Hero #1

Flowers and Fairies

As a man I justify liking this design by telling myself that it reminds me of my daughter. But really it does. Really ! If you have ever been to Disney World and spent the 45 miniutes in line for PIxie Hollow you now what I am talikg about. Meeting the fairies is worth every minute in that line. Every Minuite. Well that is unless you have an 18 monther. TInkerbell, Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn, Irridessa, Vidia and even Terence have all brought smiles to our faces. As far as the design goes. The detail on this orignal mold is amazing. The colors are perfect. But this vinyl goes the extra mile. It has three. Count ‘ em. Three little gems embedded in it. Many collectors love Anubis because of his 1 gem. Flowers and Fairies is far superior. But that is not the only suprise this vinyl has in store. And only those collectors who have one in hand will recognize this. The paint gloss is one that we have never seen before, nor again. It is an irridescent sort of satin.  All in all this vinyl design is perfect. Perfect I tell ya.

Hero #2

COP John

Yep. I did it. This is my list and he is one of my favorites in the set. A true hero. A hero that proudly stood in many a Disney clear trading box, but a hero none-the-less. COP stands for Carousel of Progress. In this iconic Disney ride we follow John and his family through 4 different eras marked by 4 Holidays. He shows us new and exciting technology from each of these decades. Like the first gas lamp and gramophone all the way to HD television and voice activated appliances. Do they even make those? John, the father also gives us many words of wisdom throughout the show.  One of my favorites of his :

“How do you like that? I always say, if you’re going to be married, marry a girl with a sense of humor.”

True that John. True that.

COP is one of Walt Disney’s original rides and other than some timely updating, it remains virtually unchanged since debuting at the 1964 NYC Worlds Fair. Can’t say that about many things, can you?  It is one of our family’s must see attractions at WDW. And the vinyl is spot one. Taking a close look at it you will see that all 4 of Johns outfits are represented. In his back left pocket, he even has the little COP fan that he holds in each of the four scenes. Check it out. There is no way that this vinyl could not be off my list. Afterall, there is a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of everyday. …and tomorrow is just a dream away.  Thanks John.

Hero #3


When it comes down to it,  there are few  modern Disney personalities better than Stitch. He is the lovable troublemaker adored by all and feared by some. Kind of like Mork from Ork. You remember :“Nanu, Nanu. Shazbot” Back to Stitch. Is he an alien? Is he a dog? We all know the answer, but we don’t care about his shady past. All in all Stitch has spawned 4 movies, 2 TV series, 3 Disney Parks attractions around the world  a handful of stage shows. He is a powerhouse. And this vinyl does nothing to stop that momentum. It is cute and cuddly. Almost like you could take him with you to bed. Although not advisable. Stitch can never be trusted. Never. No matter what. Never ever. This is a simple vinyl but, like the other Park 5 heros, executed to perfection. My only wish is for a variant Stitch to have been produced. You know when his Badness level is high and his teeth are all out. That would be one bad@$$ vinyl. Oops got censered. Sorry Baltar.

O’hana means family. And Stitch you have always made our family laugh and smile. And for that you will never be left behind.

In summary…..

The Park 5 Heros hold a very special place in my Heart. They all have provided me and my family many, many fond memories. The kind of memories that are cherished for a lifetime. That is why these 3 made it onto the list. That is why the Park series vinylmations are such special sets. All of them. They are there to remind us of those special Disney moments. Moments in time that only DIsney can provide. If you do not agree. Take a 6 year old girl and watch her interact with all of these characters. I mean really watch her. That is Disney Magic that you see in her eyes. Magic that can not be duplicated anywhere else. Magic that is there for a lifetime.


Hero #4

What? There is a hero #4. Yep there is. This hero can be summed up in one picture.








And with that I will say goodbye.

Thank you Walt.